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Majority of website owners is likely to admit to not knowing the importance of search engine optimization,Guest Posting and the extremely important influence that search engine optimization has on the financial status of their website. For any website on the internet the secret to the website remaining on the website for extended period, in active business, is only determined whether the website business is receiving visitors, and more importantly, the website visitors are purchasing the websites products or services available.

The main hard fact about owning a website business on the internet is the tremendous amount of competition, which fiercely compete for the millions of visitors, searching the internet on a daily basis, for products and services with the intention to buy. The millions of visitors searching many millions of websites, stocking and selling the very same products and services, with very little distinction between the websites design and structure, and the products and services being offered for sale.

The simple fact is the search engines determine whether website businesses will become profitable and survive the long term, or will be ignored and will be a loss making enterprise. The truth remains that the major search engines will decide which websites will be indexed and ranked, purely for the individual websites rich and relevant website content and linked to the popularity of the individual website.

We all at some time appreciated the search facilities of the major search engines, by writing keywords into the search bar of lets for the sake of argument Google’s search bar. We know from experience that pressing enter will allow Google to search millions if not trillions of websites throughout the internet, and return results based on the inputted search keywords. For popular search keywords the total returned pages from Goggle’s search can amount to many millions of search engine pages.

From my personal experience, the returned search engine results pages will vary in relevancy, the first search pages tend to be very relevant to the initial search term keywords. But as we progress through the search results pages, the displayed websites on distant search engine results become less relevant to the search engine term keywords. Google will register the website that receives the click and ultimate website visit, the displayed websites which do not receive click and visit by the keyword searcher, will be deemed to be irrelevant and likely to be demoted down the search term pages list.

Intensive long term research has been conducted in many countries and over many years, concerning the preferences and habits of users of the major search engines. Of note, is the fact that over 86% of all search engine users will click on the first 3 search results pages. In actual fact, to succeed on the internet, it is necessary that your website business needs to be placed in the first three search engine results pages, for any or all, relevant keywords that relate to the content of the website.

Remember for your website to be profitable on the internet, the keywords which best describe the contents, and ultimately the products or services of your website, you need to rank highly for the keywords your potential customers will use in the major search engines. The one main important issue which must be understood, is that your website content must be unique and more important, is the website content must be accurately described by relevant keywords, as its just not good enough to be on page 1 of the search engine results, the rich content of the website must attract the potential customer to click on the website from the results page, or possible demotion down the rankings.

The most important consideration for the major search engines companies, like Google, Yahoo is to index – record, the websites which have the most relevant website content, so that the unique content will attract more advertising revenue. In other words, the search engine results must above all be relevant. Relevant search engine results, vastly increases search engine profits, through direct advertising on the search engine results pages, and also through Google’s extremely profitable Adsense Advertising Networks.

Search engines determines relevant website content by employing ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ to crawl the vast arrays of the internet, and analyze the contents of all websites to determine the richness and relevance of the contents relative to the products, services or just contents of the article text of the website. The ‘spiders’ will be searching the websites for keywords which must again be relevant to the contents of the websites webpage’s. The most content rich, relevant and unique websites are then recorded – indexed, for future relevance to a pre-selected keywords, which best describe the contents of your websites products or services and relevant value to the websites product or services potential customer, visitor.

It’s very unlikely to buy a website which will be attractive to the major search engines, unless the website have been purchased for many thousands of dollars, even then the website would have been created from a simple website template, then placed on the internet for about 12 months and sold as a true established business. But unless the website is unique, the website contents is rich and the relevant keywords are correctly embedded in the webpage’s contents and the contents are not stale – the contents need to be refreshed at regular intervals, the website will not be indexed by the major search engines on their first three search results pages. The embedded keywords must the search terms used in the search queries, by the potential customers of the websites products or services.

It is not impossible to create a unique and content rich website which would be indexed on the first three search result webpage’s of the major search engines. Most importantly the website owner must acquire the relevant skills and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. There remains on the internet some excellent SEO ebooks, which is more than adequate to teach the average website owner the skills and expertise involved in creating a unique content rich website with relevant keywords correctly embedded in the landing webpage – usually the home page, of the website.

The skills required are not intensive and would be acquired over an extended time span, but to use high quality ebooks written specifically for the inexperienced reader, SEO skills and expertise can be acquired in a few weeks. It is imperative to purchase and read the relevant highest quality ebooks and not ebooks which can be obtained on the internet for free. Unfortunately, there is usually a trade off for giving away free ebooks. Free ebooks are usually full of annoying advertisements with no value as a knowledge base. If you are unlucky, the free ebooks may be used as a carrier of pernicious viruses or remote controlled Trojans. Free ebooks from searches on the internet is certainly not an investment in knowledge; instead insist purchasing high quality ebooks from an established ebook estore but use due diligence.

Search engine ‘robots’ crawl the internet analyzing the websites contents to determine how accurate your choice of keywords – usually present in the Meta Tags of the website html Header section read by the search engine ‘robots’, to describe the contents of the webpage’s. If the search engines consider the webpage’s keywords accurately describe the webpage’s contents, the search engine will index – record, the webpage for future reference.

Optimizing the html code on the website is very important part of SEO, within the html coding of your website, there are html codes referred to as Meta Tags, these are short codes within the header, which describe to the search engine ‘robots’ some aspects concerning your website. Whether you are responsible for building the website yourself or decided to allow a web designer to build the website. It’s a good idea to have the basic understanding of the various parts which make up the Meta Tags Code.

The three main Meta Tags within the html code, they are the Title, Description and Keywords:

The title is considered the most important Meta Tag; try to use your keyword in the title at least on one occasion. In addition, the title is very important for the ranking of your website. It is suggested that the title have the biggest influence on the click through rate (CTR). The text you place in the title, will appear as the main link text in the Google listing, the main text in the search engines which is responsible for potential customers click-through. The title should be a maximum of 66 words only.

The search engines pay particular attention to the description of the website. The description text describes and identifies the websites subject matter. It is necessary to include at least one relevant keyword – relevant to the webpage content, in the description of the Meta Tags code. Most search engines interpret the text as their description of the website; ensure the description is accurate, informative and compelling. Think of the description as an ad to compel the readers to your website. The more thought and time taken to make this text compelling, the more visitors is likely to visit your website.

The search engines no longer consider this Meta Tag as important as it used to be, although the keywords Meta Tag is still considered useful, as the keywords still identify the websites content and subject matter. The keywords in this Meta Tag need to be consistent with the embedded keywords in the previous Meta Tags and the embedded keywords in the websites contents.

The website Meta Tags can be applicable for the whole website or for individual webpage’s within the website. The most important point is that the individual keywords must be accurate and representative of the webpage textual content. A more intensive SEO expert will concentrate individual keywords unique to individual webpage’s of the website. To give an example, a website will contain eight webpage’s and each individual webpage will be considered a landing webpage for each individual keyword. These types of websites can be a huge potential for financial gain.

It is good and sound practice to structure the website by creating a webpage which concentrates on an individual keyword only. Then creating increasing the size of the website with more webpage’s, and the webpage’s with individually pre-selected keywords can be added to the website at leisure. This type of unique website is undoubtedly more work intensive, but well worth the extra effort involved, as the financial benefits can be huge as each individual landing webpage is uniquely created for a unique type of potential purchasing customer – targeted visitor.

If in the future you need to increase your keywords, you must consider adding new webpage’s which concentrates on the additional individual keywords. If it is necessary to add four keywords, then create four webpage’s, one webpage for each additional keyword. Use keywords in webpage links and headings.

In addition, for the major search engine robots, who continually crawling the internet, various hyperlinks are similar to doorways which link webpage’s to webpage’s, and websites to websites. To benefit from this fact, the individual webpage’s of the website must have simple linking paths to each and every webpage of the website.

The easier the ‘robots’ can traverse the individual webpage’s by simple linking paths, generally the better chance of being indexed and ranked by the major search engines. By keeping the website simple, then it’s a simple task to link each webpage in sequence by simple links at the bottom of the webpage’s.

But if the website structure is more complex, and then the simple linking at the bottom of the webpage will not be possible. As an alternative, there will be a need to create hierarchical structure and linking top to bottom and left to right using complicated text linking. Unfortunately, this type of complex hierarchical structure generally interferes with the usability of the website and unfortunately, there’s a possibility that the potential purchaser will find the webpage structure too complicated and search for a webpage easier to navigate.

Back links, is definitely the single most important aspect concerning search engine optimization techniques. Without exception, the more back links a website have leading to the website, the more popular and important the website being to the major search engines and the higher the website rankings will be. Unfortunately, nothing about major search engines is that simple or even straight forward, as there are popular and therefore important links which the major search engines are prepared to reward the popular website with higher rankings.

Major search engines have a specific criteria relating to back links and their resultant value attributed to the promotion or demotion of a particular websites. Search engines use complicated and complex algorithms, which can be extremely difficult to interpret, as the complex algorithms are changed on a regular basis, to avoid discovery and exploitation. Research on this subject on the internet is a useless exercise; this article is based on over twenty years of acquiring search engine optimization techniques expertise, with regularly elevating created websites into the first three webpage’s of Google and Yahoo search results.

Major search engines need to determine the value of the websites back links, to assess the true value of its popularity and whether to include the website in a privileged position in the relevant search engine keyword results page. These rankings will be based on whether the website is a popular part of a network of related websites. Which means that the ideal type of back links is?

  1. the links are actually originate from websites relevant to your keywords;
  2. the back links originate from websites which have a higher page ranking than your website;
  3. your website keywords are part of the back linked website;
  4. all link text varies from each back link;
  5. the back links come from link webpage, which is not saturated with linked websites.

Back links to a website which meet the exacting criteria, will confirm to the major search engine that the website is indeed very popular, and worthy of a higher ranking. The main consideration to search engine popularity is the back links must be from websites which is relevant to the websites keywords or keyword. That confirms to back link a webpage with one individual keyword is easy, as your dealing with only one category relevant to the keyword. Keep the website simple.

Search engine optimization is a definite an exacting science. It’s a subject that involves a tremendous amount of commitment in time and effort, and must be consistent and repeated on a regular basis. Search engine optimization entails following defined rules and historical proven methodologies. Although the SEO science can be as complex as one wish to make it, but realistically with the collective information contained in this article, the average website owner should be well equipped to complete the necessary search engine optimization to their website and obtain high rankings in the major search engines.

To progress beyond the average website owner with limited skills in advertising, marketing and promoting a website, one must be prepared to seek out and buy the highest quality ebooks which addresses the specific subjects of advertising, marketing and promoting websites, from an established online ebook estore and its very important to read, understand and follow the instructions.

Preferably, as the subject of advertising, marketing and promotion is so vast a subject, one would be advised to buy a set of ebooks, from a trusted ebook estore, the essential ebook estore for gaining knowledge and value, which would explain the subject collectively in a sequence of relevant ebooks, e.g. the initial ebook would need to cover the basics of the subject, the next ebook would describe, in step by step detail the intermediate instruction, and finally, the third ebook would link all the subject topics and discuss the advanced subjects of advertising, marketing and promoting the website.

Although there is no denying that to create a unique and content rich website, and elevate the website to the first three pages of the major search engines, is a massive commitment and very hard work and time consuming. Whatever you do, the task is too important to rush into, without sound preparation. The preparation needs to be based on acquiring the SEO expertise and most importantly, understanding the fundamentals of SEO, then allow time to plan your approach, fully equipped to accomplish the task.

It’s very important to understand that search engine optimization strategy must be part of your overall marketing and promoting plan, alongside traditional promotional activities. More importantly it must be considered alongside your marketing budget. Don’t have the perception that search engine placement, especially when relating to high ranking in the major search engines is free and easy.

Google and Yahoo won’t charge for high ranking placement, but that doesn’t mean it comes for free. Because the SEO needs to be completed by someone, and if that someone is not you, then you will be forced to pay for the very hard and intensive work, and the extended time effective SEO takes to accomplish the task.

But the rewards are well documented; intensive research confirms that the website which attains the number one position in Google, in actual fact receives twice as must traffic from the privileged number one position, than the website in number two position. Just imagine for a second, how much difference the increased traffic will have on the profits that the number one website position in Google can generate.

Acquire the SEO techniques by reading, understanding and following the instructions from high quality SEO ebooks from the essential ebook estore for gaining knowledge and value, and invest in your future financial independence.

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