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For any chance for your website to rank high in the major search engines search results page (SERP), your website must become very popular. An effective way of your website becoming popular is to have many quality backlinks pointing to your website.

In essence backlinks should mean,Guest Posting referring to quality and relevant website links, preferably from higher ranking and highly relevant websites to your individual webpage’s, usually the websites landing webpage. Backlinks are sometimes referred to as inbound links to a website.

Backlinks from other websites to your website is used as a determining factor by the major search engines of how popular your website is. Each backlink to your websites is considered by the search engines as a popularity ‘vote’ and the more inbound website links to your website, the more popular and valuable your website becomes in the search engine rankings and this is confirmed in the higher page ranking attained.

Individual backlinks are not of equal status, as the major search engines have a hierarchy of values for different types of backlinks. But first of all inbound backlinks pointing to your website must belong to websites which are of a higher ranking to your website, this type of backlink will mean a positive increase in the hierarchy of values. Adversely, a backlink from a website with a lower page ranking than your website may undoubtedly reduce the page ranking of the receiving website.

Backlinks received from must be based on quality not quantity, the choice of whether a potential backlink website is suitable or not should be decided just to increase the quantity of backlinks. The quality and page ranking of the potential back-linking website must be the determining factor whether to accept or refuse the backlink.

Understand the importance of 10 high quality backlinks from high ranking websites is definitely more valuable than even a 1000 backlinks from poor website or even if you’re dubious whether the backlinks website contains illegal content – avoid these types of websites backlinks, unless you definitely know the websites are of high standing and the contents contain rich content. Even so, if the websites are of lower ranking than your website, then avoid them.

When all is said and done, ranking high in the major search engines means vastly increasing quality backlinks to your website, and every backlink from websites higher ranking, or even similar ranking levels, is important. Google especially, considers each backlink a ‘vote’ of popularity for the receiving website, so not so high quality backlinks will assist in gaining popularity and thus increased page ranking in the major search engines ranking algorithms.

In reality, highest quality backlinks are the hardest links to access; these are backlinks from older and well established domain websites, the backlinks from high page ranking websites, from well established official websites and again, from well established top ranked websites. These websites rank in the crème de la crème category of the top and highest ranking websites, possibly with many millions of backlinks.

The alternative approach with regard to initial backlink building, is to backlink to as many as possible of quality backlinks and build on the other less quality backlinks too, that is the lower page ranking websites and the easier lower quality websites, who tends to be desperate, link yourself, to increase their page ranking by accumulating backlinks. Remember, each and every quality backlink is a ‘vote’ for the websites popularity of the website, in essence, the more popular the website, the higher in the page ranking algorithms of the major search engines.

It is repeated by the SEO traditionalist to avoid backlinks to websites which have a ‘NoFollow’ code in their Meta Tags. Actually, Google and Yahoo generally ignore the ‘NoFollow’ instruction rule and Index the website, so if you have an opportunity to receive a quality backlink from a ‘NoFollow’ website, then I suggest you accept it.

An important point at this time to emphasise is that a backlink is not necessarily a reciprocating link – a reciprocating link is a link to and from an individual website. The major search engines base their popularity algorithms more on backlinks to your websites, and a website with more backlinks to the website than outgoing links. Websites will rank higher with more backlinks, than a website with more or as many outgoing links.

To work around this issue, is to create a website with a ‘Link to Us’ webpage, which will develop an html code for websites which wish to link to your website. Webmasters with a preference to link to you through this webpage, can ‘copy’ and paste’ the code into their webpage. You will now have the desired link and the relevant keywords you wish to use.

This ‘Link To Us’ webpage is a very effective way to increase major search engine page rankings, as the webpage is an individually popular webpage, rich with backlinks, but not on the websites landing webpage which needs to be used as the sales page, with an excellent Sales Copy to ‘force’ the targeted visitors to click on the Paypal button and become an important customer.

It’s imperative at this stage of the ebook that every backlink to your website, must without exception, be from websites which is related to the products or services sold or available on your website. All backlinks must be relevant to your website, if not the major search engines will penalise your website for irrelevant keywords or spamming.

Your website could even be banned for the infringement – although unlikely to be banned, possibly demoted in the page rankings, or reduced to ‘zero rating’ and thereby ‘dropped’ from the search engine listings altogether. Unfortunately, there is no way of appealing against the decision, even if you were aware of the major search engines actions.

On completion the newly created website and with the basic knowledge and understanding of backlinks, the next major task is to create/develop a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. This campaign must be part of an effective website advertising, marketing and promotional drive, with the intention of elevating the unknown website, not only to be Indexed by the major search engines, but also highly ranked in the major search engines search results (SERP*) – at the very least, ranked in the first three search engine results pages for the given keywords.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolute requirement to elevate a non-existent, unknown – unknown to the Internet search engines, website to the highest ranking possible for the relevant websites keywords, which will allow the major search engines to direct searchers (SERP*) to the websites’ products or services provided. These search engine visitors is commonly referred to as targeted visitors, as they have shown an interest in the websites saleable products or services.

SERP* Search engine results page – these are search engine results pages that is displayed to the visitor, after the search engine visitor, inputs a search query into a search engine query box i.e. Google search results page. SERPs will usually show a listing of title and a short summary of how the webpage result is relevant or relative to the visitors search term – keyword and direct link to the relevant click-able website displayed.

The importance of targeted visitors to a website can not be emphasised enough, as they have shown an interest or a desire – possibly a distinct buying interest or desire, in buying the websites products or services. Even more important, is the fact that the targeted visitors were directed to the website by the major search engines with no cost the website owner – free targeted traffic, and extremely important when considering the targeted visitors possibly have an intention to buy the websites products.

My philosophy on making money on the Internet is as simple as ABC, start an Internet presence on a small scale initially, by acquiring high quality resell rights software – ebooks, website scripts, utilities etc, possibly free or very cheap – don’t gamble with your hard earned cash, as the realistic chances of successfully making money online in the first instant, is not in your favour, so then the failure need not be a financial loss.

Selling resell rights software on eBay you acquired for free, or at least for a few bucks  – as an example, you keep 100% of the profits, and with these profits accumulating, then and only then, use the profits to continue with the Internet business venture. If the initial business venture happens to fail – failure is a possibility at this initial stage by attempting to accomplish too much at this early stage – don’t run at high speed before you can crawl, then the financial loss to yourself is minimised.

Making money on the Internet should not be considered a short term goal, as newly created businesses – especially newly created websites, need time to mature – like a fine wine. The main priority is not to risk your hard earned cash, as when using your hard earned cash, an Internet business failure can have devastating financial implications, and be psychologically damaging, certainly as far as Internet business ventures are concerned.

Business failures should be considered an asset – not a pleasant asset, but an opportunity to learn from the failed attempt at making money on the Internet. Business failure that only results in the loss of profits is not that difficult to forget and forgive, and easier to ‘pick yourself up’ and learn from your mistakes and try again, but learn from any mistakes you may know you made.

OK, enough said, back to the business of backlinks and SEO. Search engine ranking factors are some of the most difficult information to access, as the major search engines will not release the important information to anyone, in fact, the search engine ranking information, is some of the most closely guarded secrets in online business today. In addition, search engines especially major search engines, do not exactly publish how they, and what algorithms are used by them to rank websites in search results. One thing can be concluded with certainty that the secret algorithms used to rank websites change regularly, especially with regard to the major search engines.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to understand or figure out the complicated search engine algorithms which major search engines like Google use to rank websites in search engine results pages yourself. There are professional experts, who with expert research knowledge and a lifetime actively creating websites specifically targeting the major search engines, especially of note, Google and Yahoo – as they power the search results of many major search engines, concentrate on, and they are very successful at maintaining websites in the highest ranking positions in both Google and Yahoo search results (SERP).

The SEO techniques used and perfected by these hard working professional experts, again usually is not divulged, even kept secret, and only revealing certain small pieces (titbits) of information which becomes common knowledge on the Internet – but remains incomplete. Without doubt the expert knowledge gained by life long research and practice in search engine optimization techniques is extremely valuable to making money on the Internet and to enjoy the wealth that gaining knowledge through researching and life long expertise can bring.

An extremely important area of search engine optimization techniques which, if following some very simple rules, can easily through hard work, elevate a newly created website into the highest rankings in the major search engines – specifically Google, Yahoo, for a given relevant keywords is Backlinks from other high ranked, popular and more importantly relevant to your keywords, websites which accurately describes your websites products or services.

I am a strong believer that an individual website with high quality backlinks from relevant, popular and higher ranking websites will undoubtedly increase the major search engine rankings incrementally. In general, the more high quality in bound – backlinks, to you website, the higher the website will rank in the major search engines.

As explained previously, every inbound link is a positive ‘vote’ in the popularity stakes for your website. Major search engines concludes that if your website is popular with many back-linked websites, then your websites contents is useful and of extreme interest which can satisfy the needs of many visitors desire of content rich information. This ‘popularity’ factor is responsible for increasing your websites high ranking in the major search engine results pages.

Again, remember, quantity is not the deciding factor here, as is highly publicised on the Internet, is the fact that mass back-linking especially by link farming and using automated software used specifically to increase mass backlinks, is not tolerated by the major search engines, and furthermore, the websites linked from the ‘poor quality’ link farm’ websites and received backlinks by means of automated means, risk being banned by the major search engines with no possibility of appeal or reversing the decision.

Once a website is banned by the major search engines, even if you were able to confirm the ban, the chances of the ban being overturned are close to zero, even non-existent. Steer away from link farms and automated linking software as even is the major search engines are fooled by your tactics, because the links are considered ‘zero value’ the fact that the links are of very poor quality – and possibly irrelevant links relating to your websites keywords, your websites page ranking will be devalued as a result of the low quality or irrelevant backlinks, or even dropped altogether by the search engines – a zero rating in the search result.

So, is a link coming from another website to your website? The number of backlinks and the quality of the backlinks pointing to your website will then have a positive affect on your websites search engine optimization efforts. Google and Yahoo search engines consider quality and especially relevant backlinks to a website extremely important influence on their search engine page rankings.

In search engine optimization (referred to as SEO), creating backlinks is considered by SEO experts an extremely important part of a websites effective Advertising, Marketing and Promoting strategy, although importantly only ever conducted on the completed websites, definitely not on a website which is still under construction or involved in ongoing major updating.

But in reality backlinks is only a part, although an integral part, of effective search engine optimization techniques (SEO). I will not attempt to discuss all of the various parts involved in SEO at this stage, as the ebook is devoted to high quality and relevant backlinks, and to include other important aspects of SEO in this high quality ebook would be a massive task. But watch this space and relevant ebooks will be released on a regular basis.

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