5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situations!

Nov 3


S Kumar

S Kumar

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5 ... Spam ... Tools For All ... (C) S. Kumar 2003 ... Anyone who uses email knows what Spam is!It's annoying and time ... to wade through volum


5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situations!
(C) S. Kumar 2003

Anyone who uses email knows what Spam is!

It's annoying and time consuming to wade through volumes of
fraud,5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situations! Articles con and obscene emails to filter out the really important
ones. And I am sure you are affected by this menace in some
form or other.

How do we reduce this intolerable amounts of junk?

Here are 5 Zero-Cost tools to prevent junk cluttering your mail
box. (You can access them all from a single source and the
info is given at the end of this article.)

--* For the Average Email User *--

1. Spam.N-Dream, - For the POP3 Mail user.

By far this is the easiest and effective solution for anyone
with a POP3 email ID. For e.g. you@aol.com.

Spam.n-dream.com is a web based service that retrieves all your
email for you and sends you only the emails from email ID's that
are pre-authenticated by you. This means, no one can send you
an email unless you give prior permission.

This service is very effective - let me tell you that.

2. SpamPal, - The Desktop Solution

SpamPal is a program that sits between your email client and
your mailbox, checking your email as you retrieve it.

Any email messages that SpamPal considers to be junk will be
"tagged" with a special header; you simply configure your email
client to filter anything with this header into a separate
folder and your Spam won't be mixed up with the rest of your
email anymore!

--* For the Website Owner *--

Posting your email address on your website is a sure way to
attract junk. (e.g. support@yoursite.com)

In case you are not aware, there exists special software's that
harvest anything with an @ in between. This means, your posted
emails are sitting ducks for an avalanche of junk.

1. Enkoder Form 6.0, - A Simple Solution for the Webmaster

One way to protect yourself is to "encode" your address, The
Enkoder Form will encrypt your Email address and convert it to a
JavaScript, hiding it from Email harvesting robots which crawl
the web for exposed addresses.

Simply copy this JavaScript and paste it into your Web page
where you want the email to appear.

2. Master SpamBot Buster, - A Thorough CGI Solution

Master Spambot Buster stops robots harvesting email addresses
from your web pages. But the script does more than that! It
completely stops harvesting your email address from:

-Newsletters, -Newsgroup postings, -Discussion list postings,
-Instant messages, -Print ads, -Or any other document

Instead of publishing your email address, you use the Master
Spambot Buster method so that your email address is protected
from everywhere and from all documents.

This is a great software released by willmaster.com

3. NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder, - Desktop Solution

This program searches for email addresses either from all your
web pages or a single page and encodes them all in minutes
automatically. Its pure HTML encoding and no Java used.

You do not have to be technically savvy to use this one as it
automatically inserts the codes into your web pages. In 2
minutes you can entirely encrypt all your web pages.

This is by far, the best software that I came across

You may access all the 5 tools given above from here:

I hope, these resources will help you to reduce the junk
clogging your mail box.