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This article gives you some great blog tips on how to get people to comment on your blog. Blog comments increase the activity on your blog and make it more attractive to the search engine spiders.

Blog Commenting

It takes a while for people to find your blog and get into the habit of visiting it regularly. When you first start blogging,Guest Posting and you don’t have many subscribers, comments make your blog look more active. Initially you may find that users may not post comments to your blog. It’s going to be up to you to get things going.

Blog Tip No. 1 – Add Some Comments

If you find that your blog readers are yet comfortable to leave comments on your blog then have your friends or family members start leaving comments on your blog as it can make your blog seem more active.

People like to see activity; if your blog seems dead you’ll likely get no responses. If you would rather not have your family even know about your blog, then you can post comments yourself but as a “Guest” or as registered user instead of admin. Respond to your own posts initially to create activity, and then you’ll start to see other real users placing comments as well.

Blog Tip No. 2 - Controversial Comments

Leaving a controversial comment usually works best to stimulate some activity from the visitors to your blog. Start making comments that are guaranteed to elicit a response.   You can even create “characters” that post controversial statements on your blog to really get user interest going. This “character” may disagree with a blog posting you make, creating a sequence of posts that increase the activity comments of my post. Once you see that users have taken interest in your blog you can now rely on their posts rather than creating fake ones of your own.

Remember if you are going to do fake comment posts, to space the timing between posts. For example never post two minutes after you’ve posted as admin, as it’s too obvious that you’re the same person. Allow some time to pass by before making your “fake user comments post”.

Blog Tip No. 3 - Pay Per Comment

If you would rather not do the “fake posts” yourself, some bloggers have actually paid users to reply to posts on their blog. If you go to popular webmaster forums, you’ll find that users get paid for making posts on forums. The usual rate is about .10 cents per post or something within that range. The same theory applies for blog comments. You can hire a set of 10 to 20 people to comment on your posts and pay them a small fee, this way you generate some interest in your blog.

There are websites available to post a project on for “blog posters” such as or On these websites you can find people who can get your blog active, by making comments and paying them a small fee. You can do this until you get users posting on your site in reply to the posters you have paid. Within a few weeks your blog should be very active. This benefits you in the long run as the search engines will be visiting your site often due to the constant updates.

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