Golden Rules For Your Successful Web Site.

Sep 23


Wendy Stenberg-Tendys Dr.

Wendy Stenberg-Tendys Dr.

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Succeeding on Cyber Space is not done without a lot of persistent hard work. The key is DON'T give up. There are certain rules that are the only thing that will take you to the top, to become a successful entrepreneur on the Internet.

Several billion pages are added to the web daily. Google searches 1 trillion unique URLs daily. At times you wonder if your efforts will ever pay off. Don't be discouraged. There are a few golden rules that will ensure your success on the Internet.

All entrepreneurs,Golden Rules For Your Successful Web Site. Articles aiming to succeed in Cyber Space, want to see their website as No.1 on the Search Engines. To achieve this it is essential you do several things, but most important of all you must have quality content, accompanied with a lot of hard work. These two things need to be kept the as the major cornerstones to your Internet success. Next you need to have the ability to think outside the box. While the Internet is based on logic, it is more likely to be the illogical that will take you over the top. It frequently takes only one whacky idea to work, for you to spin to the giddy heights of success.

Perseverance, Patience, Passion and Discipline are your four golden elements to success. Without these you will join thousands of other would-be entrepreneurs who overestimate the short term results of their website and underestimate the long term results. Many good sites are abandoned, just at the point when the tide is turning. The authors allow themselves to become disillusioned and quit, at the very time when they were about to reap the harvest of all their efforts. They abandoned their dream.

Many things have been written about the right keywords and their long tails etc. The real secret is to find high traffic words with low competition. However, even when you have what you think to be a prospective goldmine, you still have to put in the long hard hours of work to make your site a success. 

When we came up with the idea of launching Win a Resort, with its once in a lifetime Blue Moon Opportunity, we were totally on our own. No one had done anything like raffling a whole resort on the Internet, let alone a luxury boutique resort on a tropical island in the South Pacific. While we had no competition, we had buyer resistance. The prize of Seachange Lodge Resort was too good to be true. It had to be another Internet scam.

Enthusiastically we built then number one version. It was in a simple blog format, but it worked quite well. We managed to get it rise to a Google page ranking of 3 just three months after launch. We were so proud of what we had accomplished, that we decided it was time to start to rebuild a new stand-alone site in Dreamweaver. This was quite a challenge all on its own.

Of course, as with most web masters find out, rebuild a site and the page ranking devastatingly falls away. There one day, gone the next. At the same time our Merchant Bank, which processes credit cards online, got caught in the financial fallout from the United States. Three and a half agonizing months followed. We were never given any reassurance the bank would return. Selling Blue Moon Opportunity raffle tickets on the Internet is classed as being High Risk. There are very few companies which will process credit cards for what they wrongly state as being a lottery.

At the point when everyone was saying our project Win a Resort had failed, three things happened. The merchant bank came back online. We regained our page 3 rank on Google and we did a test run for our sites. These were the results:

1.We typed winaresort into Google. Total number of references 1,970. Only at slot 120 was there one small break.
2.Wendy Tendys - 4,100 references. Slot 113 before there is a break.
3.Wendy Stenberg-Tendys - We hold up to slot 94 straight, out of 2,900 references
4.Lyn Thomas (our author name) We hold up to slot 27 without a break out of 1,460 references.
5.Seachange Lodge - we hold the first 19 slots out of 76,100 references.
6.YouMe Support Foundation - We hold the first 20 spots before there is a break, with a lot more spots following on. Total number of references 349,000.
7.Blue Moon Opportunity - We hold 6 slots out of 10 on the first page of Google, 866,000 references.
8.Win a resort - We have the first two slots on page one out of 32,500,000 references.
9.Tropical Islands - we hold  slot number 27 out of 2,590,000.
10.Wendy.winaresort - Our new blog only opened up a couple of weeks ago, has a full page on Google already

We have other keywords, but we need to do a lot more work on them. From our stats we see that Yahoo, Google and MSN Search Engine Spiders are all over us, picking up our new material almost immediately.

The main point to all of this is to dare to dream and dare to dream big. Fight for that dream with passion and everything you have in you and don't give up. Put in the hard work and you too will take your place among the successful entrepreneurs of the Internet.