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Imagine yourself a fisherman in a boat that floats on the ocean surface on the Mariana Trench. Scary? But this is only the beginning of immersion in the abyss of the dark internet. We will tell you what action you need to take first to take careful steps on the dark side of the network.

The internet is full of dark alleys,Guest Posting where not found, the standard route is moving along Vkontakte-Facebook-Trendymen. The deep web, or as it is commonly called the "darkweb", is a completely self-sufficient side of the Internet, which operates according to its own laws and rules, which by accepting you can find many, many more.

WHAT IS DARKWEB?It is a collection of thousands of websites that can only be accessed using the Anonymous system and specialized tools like Tor and I2P browsers that hide users' IP addresses. The essence of anonymous Internet is decentralization, so common browsers like Chrome or Safari are not suitable for using Darkweb.

For most users, Dark Web is the place to buy fancy or potentially illegal things. It is on the dark side of the Internet that the largest illicit goods market such as the famous Silk Road and thousands of people live it. In addition, Darkweb is an ideal place for communities of people who, for various reasons, avoid publicity. For such users, there are many forums, chats and other associations.

SILK ROAD PLUMEDarkweb became famous mainly because of the illegal trade that flourished in the area of the Dark Internet. The main platform for such transactions was the Silk Road - an online marketplace where you can buy almost everything a person is capable of imagining.

Recently Celebrity Photo Scandal also debuted on Darkweb. The famous snapping was organized by figures from the deepest internet. In addition, prominent high-profile plum activists such as Edward Snowden use Darkbubs to exchange classified documents.

TORThe easiest way to hide your IP address is a tool known as Tor Browser. It was developed by a group of volunteers who wanted to remain secret. TOR is similar to regular browsers, but uses an anonymous system based on IP address spoofing. Thus, it becomes impossible to see which sites open in the browser window. Downloading and installing TOR can be absolutely open, and to gain encrypted access, additional procedures are usually not required. However, to be fully convinced in incognito mode, you must understand proxy settings and network access. Fortunately, there are many manuals with detailed steps on the regular Internet. Technically, by opening the first site in the TOR browser, you have already taken the first step into the dark Internet. But there are many interesting things ahead as well.

R / ONIONThe extension onion in the address bar means that you are on a site that exists only in a dark web or on a part of a regular site that is hidden from common users. This extension also uses a decentralized protocol and is a marker of the page that belongs to a closed virtual space.

HIDDEN WIKIOne of the basic resources of DarkWeb is a dark analogue of Prakash Wikipedia. This encyclopedia is the basis of everything that can be seen on the deep Internet. These are links to markets, forums, search engines, services, and many other aspects of the dark side of the web. Articles are added by the participants themselves, so there is no censorship. The link hidden wiki for is constantly changing, but it is not very difficult to find, you only need to enter some queries in the TOR search engine.

LAW & ORDERThe black side of the Internet is interesting and scary at the same time. Here you cannot be afraid of the principles of ethics and restriction that rule the regular web. So undeniably dominated by bad things that you can come into the dark. The trade in illegal substances is the most harmless that can be found here. However, you know what you are going for.

At the same time, Dark web is the only ray of freedom on the controlled Internet. It is used by politicians in countries where censorship prevails. Here personal freedom is not subject to any pressure, making it a haven for those who do not want persecution for ideological or other reasons.

What is the dark side of the internet? Bin Bulaan, who first heard such a word, sounds somewhat mysterious and perhaps, even u200b u200b frightening. And it has its own background. The whole panic is that, unlike the color epithet, the dark side of the Internet is more than a real phenomenon, information about which is only recommended for superficial acquaintance to read and in no way calls for active use.

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Using the TOR browser does not mean that you cannot get. Empirically, it has been proven that some methods can reveal the identity of a Dark Web user. However, the developers of TOR systems find themselves writing about such gaps in anonymity and provide ways to eliminate them immediately. Don't forget that if someone really wants to find you, here you can't with standard impersonation procedures.

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