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LEARN BY PASSING IT ONHave you ever had a teacher at the end of a course make ... ... hope you have learned as much from me as I have learned ... would a teacher say someth


Have you ever had a teacher at the end of a course make the
following statement?

"I hope you have learned as much from me as I have learned from

Why would a teacher say something like this? Is it just modesty?
No. It's because teachers know that having students pushes them to
learn more themselves.

Why is this? Because students ask questions. If you are answering
questions asked of you by others,Guest Posting it makes you think, and it keeps
you sharp. Often, just listening to a different view offered by another
makes you more fully understand your own opinions. As you explain
yourself to others, you have to go through your own thoughts in
greater detail. This not only ends up being beneficial to those you
speak to, but to you.

At times, someone may ask you something that you don't know as
well. So, in order to answer the question, you do some research.
This both makes you learn, and makes you find additional
resources to further your own education.

In helping others, you'll also be forced to look ahead. You'll discover
other things that you want to learn more about. You'll also start to see
trends as to what others want to know, and you'll be able to anticipate
their needs. If your goal is to sell information online, this is critical
developing new products that fill a need and will sell.

Other benefits for businessmen or women include building a good
reputation, and making contact with potential customers. If you show
what you know to those who ask, they often will return and offer to
pay for more information or take advantage of your products or

Never underestimate the creative power of your own mind. The more
you learn on a subject, the more you can open yourself up to new
thoughts and ideas on that subject. Especially if pushed by the
questions of others, you can develop things further through your own

Stay in touch with those that have helped you, however. I guarantee
no one will ever know it all even if they are considered to be an expert
by others. Even when you do get called an expert, stay in touch with
those you looked up to as experts. You'll talk to them with greater
knowledge than before, but you'll still be able to learn from them as
you discuss things together.

This concludes our five part series about getting your online
education. However, you must realize there is no end to learning. No
matter what your level of expertise, there are always more questions
to be asked, more answers to be found, and more knowledge to be

However, that's what makes life fun.



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