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The thumbsup symbol which is the icon that people click on to when they approve,Guest Posting accept and agree to something. More likes means popular and viral.

In this post I will tell you what activities can increase likes on your facebook page. If you are on facebook, you would have found that there are some pages with fewer or no likes and some others with a thousand likes. What do you think would be the reason for a poor like number? Well I would say that facebook likes are based on content, promotion and engagement.

Very recently the concept of pay for facebook likes is getting popular. This concept encourages you to buy likes on facebook and add them, thereby making a fake fans number. People do not realize that such a business practice is unethical when they buy likes for their facebook page to show a fake fan following than a real fan following. Also when you buy likes on facebook, the users once they like rarely come back to check on your updates and engage in discussions.

Here's a list of those activities that can help you get results.

Pages are better for brands, businesses, bands, movies, or celebrities who want to interact with their fans or customers without having them connected to a personal account. Creating a Facebook fan page is simple and I would recommend you to make a good use of the page timeline to share updates, photos, questions and other content related to your brand. You can also highlight to enable people to know the important information you want to convey.

Placing the Like button: To prompt people to support your website or blog, add the facebook like icon at the end of your blog because after reading your article people will click on it. Depending on the design of your blog or website you can position the facebook like icon on the top or at the bottom.

Rewards: When we get a favor done, all of us tend to give it back. The same rule applies to facebook likes too. When people like your facebook page rewards them generously. They are the people who have give more visibility to your page by adding a like. They are capable of bringing in more new customers or business associates for your brand. Reward your fans with vouchers, coupon codes, offers, games, special discounts, T-shrits, CDs etc. Now that you have decided to reward your fans, reward them without much delay.

Photos and videos: Photos and videos are highly capable of getting likes to your facebook page. As they can be shared, you can get more responses from the friends of your target audience. You can also prompt people to like your page if they want to view the video. When you tag photos of your events, you will get likes from the friends of the tagged people.

Contests: If you changing your brand logo or giving a new name to your brand, use your facebook page to get suggestions from people. Create a contest which enables people to participate and share with other friends too. These contests are an effective marketing tool and in a way engage fans to promote your business and brand.

Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads have a very good reach so advertise your page to get more likes. Trying changing your ad because you will get responses for the ad in a day or two and after that it may lose its value. So post a different one!

Facebook likes are a difficult task to achieve. You need to be patient and wait to get the desired results. Always remember to update your page with news and activities related to your business to keep people engaged on your page. And that connecting your brand or business social media accounts is extremely important , and that a Google+ account can influence your online reputation and drive a lot of traffic to your site with enough visibility in the online social media community.

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