How to Reset your Linksys Security Code

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With the increasing rate of cybercrime and cyber criminals in the day-to-day world, it has become quite obvious to take an immediate action against it. If you are using a Linksys Router, you must reset its security code in order to protect its wireless network from the hands of hackers. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways, tricks, and steps that will help you to reset the Linksys Router Security Code.

Linksys Router is considered as one of the best routers in the world. Promising the users with a high-speed network and credible performance,Guest Posting it is widely used across the globe. But, there is always a possibility that someone would hack your wireless network and there are threatening consequences of the same. From the hacker making use of your bandwidth to doing something as serious as committing frauds, nowadays cybercrime has become a usual practice. And, so, it is obvious to the users to protect the router and its wireless network so that no hackers can affect its working abilities.

Probably this is the reason that makes it necessary for you to reset your Linksys security code from time to time. It is better to change the security code just like you do with the email as well as banking passwords so that you can minimize the related risks. For this purpose, you can access professional expertise by availing the Linksys router support. The other option is to try it on your own by following certain simple steps, which are mentioned as follows:

  • For changing the security code of Linksys router, you would have to access the settings page of the router. Start by entering the IP address of the Linksys router in the address bar of the browser to load the settings page.

  • Next, enter “admin” in the default username as well as the password in the login screen of the router. In case it is not working, you would have to reference, where you can see a list of the usernames as well as passwords for the Linksys router.

  • Click the hyperlink “Wireless” and then select the hyperlink “Wireless Security”.

  • Now change the password in the box located next to the “WPA Shared Key”. Next, click the box “Update Settings”.

Useful Tips

In case your network has multiple routers or there is multiple Linksys equipment such as modem and router running on it, you can access the router settings by tethering the router to the computer. In doing so, you would have to plug an Ethernet cable into the router’s LAN port while the other end has to be plugged into the computer’s Ethernet port. This will ensure that a secure connection has been created between the equipment.

If you are unable to reset the security code of the Linksys router using these steps, it is better to get professional guidance for the same. You may take help of the experts of Linksys router customer support by dialing their phone number. Also, availing their number is not a big deal as you can easily get it from the website of an online directory – Contactforhelp. The website is known for enlisting the number of customer support and services which are situated in the USA and Canada.

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