Photo Editing Software Feature Review - Top 3 Photo Editing Software Programs - Become a Pro

Jul 22


Richard Seng

Richard Seng

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So you took a ton a pictures and now your not sure what to do. Or maybe it is time to upgrade. Find out what software and features are best for you.


What are the Features and Advantages of using Photo Editing Software?

Photo editing software brings the photo finishing lab to your computer desktop for a minuscule of the cost. Never again will you have to worry about capturing just the right angle with just the right amount of light.

You will be able to upload from a digital camera,Photo Editing Software Feature Review - Top 3 Photo Editing Software Programs - Become a Pro Articles a removable storage device (CD, or zip flash drive), scanner or digital camcorder to easily edit your images. Photo editing software allows one to import and export using several different files and methods.

Share your photos with anyone in the world. Because once you have used your software to make the necessary changes to your photos they will be ready for emails, prints, online galleries, slideshows not to mention the many other options that are available.

Important features to shop for when purchasing photo editing software include:

Ease of Use: Start with your list of exactly what you personally want to do to your photos. After you have decided what characteristics of photo editing software are important to you, the next step is finding a user friendly program. These types of programs cover a broad spectrum from very simple to quite complicated. Look for programs that provide tutorials and “Wizards” to fix the most common problems with photos such as poor lightning, crooked images, red eyes etc.

Formats for Exporting and Importing: There are quite a few formats the software program you choose should support, JPG, GIF,TIF,PICT, EPS, PDF, BMP are considered the most common ones. File formats are continually changing so the more the better.

Editing: Choose a Photo editing program that will enable you to improve poor lighting, remove red eyes, add texts, special effects and so on.

Photo Sharing Capabilities: Look for tools that give you the ability to optimize your photos for the type of sharing method you wish to use. So keep in mind file size, resolution, and image size. There are a variety of different methods for sharing your photos such as cell phones, online galleries, emails, PDA’s and print just to list a few.

Output Features: A good photo editing program will allow you to store images in several versatile ways so they can be used in a number of environments such as printing, online photo galleries, emails, cell, phones, slideshows etc.

Organizing: Shop for photo organizing capabilities. Can you easily review thumbnails of your photos? How does the software search for images? Does it use keywords, or ratings? Are you able to view EXIF (digital camera data)? Does this software allow you to store your pictures in a permanent album? Can you archive your images? These are important features to search for.

Documentation, support and help: Is the documentation provided explanatory and useful? Does the program offer technical support in the form of FAQ’s, phone and email? What, if any, tutorials are available to explain difficult features and or options?

Documenting your life with family and friends with photo editing software is what is referred to as high tech fun!

Top 3 Photo Editing Software Programs

Nero Ultra

Photo Elements

Paint Shop Pro