Setting Up Your D-Link Wireless Network - Simple Steps to Follow

Aug 17


Gavin Sanderson

Gavin Sanderson

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A guide on how to install a wireless network and all you need to know about wireless networking.


The Dlink wireless network setup is quite easy. All you need is a Dlink wireless router or a Wireless Access Point (WAP) and then you need the Dlink wireless adapter,Setting Up Your D-Link Wireless Network - Simple Steps to Follow Articles one for each computer, which will connect to the router or the WAP. There are many components to a wireless network and it may include a broadband internet connection through a cable modem or DSL, an internet security option, wireless printers and faxes, wireless music and video players, wireless game consoles and controllers, and so on.

Dlink wireless  network setup is easiest when all components are from Dlink because it ensures maximum hardware compatibility. All Dlink products come with a quick installation manual that makes it a snap to follow step-by-step instructions to get the network ready to go. There are also detailed user manuals that cover all the technical aspects of the router and adapter.

Wireless networks are quite convenient and neat because there is no mess of power wires and connecting cables but there are some things you proceed with the Dlink wireless  network setup.

First thing to keep in mind is that no outsiders are able to connect to your network because by default the Dlink wireless  network setup is open to everyone. You must replace all the default passwords with those of your own choice because the factory defaults are known to hackers. Default settings include the access point and adapters and passwords. There are many similar Dlink networks in the world and it must be expected that there is a high probability of your network being close to some adapter that is not part of your network. Hackers are constantly on the prowl looking for networks running on default settings because they are so easy to crack. All you need to do is create a new password and you are several times safer. Hackers are a constant threat to wireless networks so you must change the password before you open your network to the world.

During the first run of the Dlink wireless  network setup you will be assisted by setup wizards. When you are answering the questions that will help you to configure the network you must make sure you change all the default values to customized ones. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard in choosing something so complicated that you yourself cannot remember it. As long as you go in for a reasonably complicated personalized setup you will be fine. Just do not choose common information like your family name, kids' names, date of birth and so on.

If you have more than one computer you wish to include in your wireless network then make sure the WAP or router is located central to all computers.