Get to know about Dlink router and some of its issues & solutions!!

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A Dlink router is basically a wireless router that has made it possible for you to surf the internet and get interfaced from your computers.

Dlink Routers now a days have become popular among the people from all over the world and the interest for it is also increasing day by day.

But there are times when the users faces several issues while connecting the D-link router Tech Support and while working with it.

Mentioned below are some of the issues and its solution for Dlink routers!

  • Issues in updating the Dlink router:- Now mention your Dlink router’s name and select on search.- Download the file and then just open your web browser.- In the username space write admin and leave the password box blank.- Click on the tools option.- Select on the browse option.- Select on upload so as to update the firm.
  • - Select on continue and the update is finished.
  • - Now open the downloaded file.
  • - Select on firmware that is on the left side.
  • - Select ok.
  • - Write in the address bar and follow the instructions.
  • - Select on download that is in the download option just next to the firmware option.
  • - First of all the users need to go to the following link
  • Issues in setting up the password for Dlink router:- Go to the link Select on the setup option that is at the top of the page.- Select on the manual wireless connection set up.
  • - Mention a password and hence,Guest Posting the password is set up.
  • - Now click on the wireless settings option.
  • - In the user id space and in the password box write admin.
  • - First of all open the web browser.

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