A Number Of Incidents Of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Teenage Drivers

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Teenagers have a crash rate on a per mile driven that is 4 times that of older drivers. It only takes a quick look at recent accounts of car accidents involving teenage drivers shows that they may result in severe injuries and possibly fatalities. This article considers several reported major motor vehicle accidents. An attorney who is skilled and experienced in handling motor vehicle accident claims that resulted in severe injuries and deaths might be able to help victims and their families.

It is well known that teenage drivers are at high risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Almost every day there are reports of yet more accidents with teenage drivers. Many of these accidents have at least 2 teenagers in the car,Guest Posting have a number of victims, and involve pedestrian victims. In what followes we summarize recent accounts of 3 such incidents. One case involves considerable injuries. The additional 3 involve a fatality.

This motor vehicle collision involved a sixteen year-old driver who was driving with only a junior license. The accident happened at roughly 9:20 on a Tuesday evening. The junior license did not allow driving past 9 pm. The reason why is unclear but somehow the driver lost control of the car. As a result the car hit another vehicle and then struck a pedestrian. The pedestrian, was waiting at a bust stop when the accident happened, died from his injuries. The victim was a 65 year old man. The driver was arrested. He was charged with speeding, with manslaughter, and with criminally negligent homicide.

This accident involved an 18 year-old driver who was driving while intoxicated. The car accident happened on a Sunday morning at roughly 2:30. Most drunk driving accidents happen on weekend nights. The driver hit a male pedestrian, 44 years of age, who was crossing a road. Because of the accident he sustained severe head injuries. The driver was arrested. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence.

As per this report the driver was an 18 year old male. The motor vehicle accident happened in the morning hours on a Sunday. The accident happened in a residential area. The accident took place when the teenaged driver lost control of his car. It turned forcefully and flipped, hitting a pedestrian who had just gotten out of his car in order to take a pamphlet from the front yard of one of the homes. The home was for sale and had a sign and the pamphlets in the front yard. After striking the man the car continued until it was ultimately stopped when it struck a tree in front of the house. The 67 year old man was killed in the accident.

In this report the account was of a nineteen year old driver. The young woman was driving in a residential region. The driver hit a woman who was in front of her house working in a flower bed. The car hit her with such force that she was hurled nearly one hundred fifty feet into a truck parked in her driveway. The teenaged driver fled the scene of the accident. About 30 minutes after the accident the police found the young driver and arrested her. They located her not far from the scene of the accident. She claimed she was returning to the scene to admit she had caused the accident.

On a personal level it is sad to read about these accidents. These types of incidents are true tragedies. Victims who survive the accident are often left with injuries that result in permanent disabilities. In cases involving a fatality the family of the victim suffers the loss of a loved one. Even the life of the teen driver is permanently changed. Still, be it from speeding or from drunk driving these accidents continue to happen.

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