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Discover the method to discover CA arrest files for track record check. They definitely can be acquired anywhere via the web.

Santa Clara County Arrest Records can be obtained from law enforcement agencies like the Police Department and the local county Sheriff’s Office. These agencies also have a website with updated information on the latest police arrests or bookings.

Criminal arrest records are public information that the government is required by law to make available to the public. These information include a summary of the incident,Guest Posting the location and date of the incident, the people involved, as well as the respondents to the case. Although this information is public, some may be exempt from release. Victim information and juvenile case information is usually withheld from the public.

Santa Clara County Criminal arrest Data as well as other California Arrest Reports are available online. Plenty of free public websites offer listings as well as other information. But for official copies of the report, and for more detailed information and facts, one must visit the law enforcement agency that is responsible for the arrest. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Reports unit is responsible for the receiving, filing, and releasing of all official arrest reports initiated by the Sheriff. To request for a copy, you can simply go to the Sheriff’s office and make the request in person. Or one can access the website, download a request form and submit the filled form to the Sheriff’s Office via mail/ email/ fax. You need to note, however, that the requestor must be involved in the incident before they are allowed to request for the report. All record requests are reviewed before being released. Fees will be charged per copy acquired.

A person with an arrest record does not necessarily have a criminal charge recorded against him. With that said, one must visit another government agency if the person involved was indeed convicted of the charges filed against him. The Department of Correction as well as the Superior Court of the County Records Division maintains such information. The Department of Correction also has an online inmate search portal for an easy search.

One of the most common reasons for acquiring an arrest record would be for a criminal history check. A history check can reveal a person’s private character and history. Human resources departments and hiring managers are two common entities that would be interested in a job candidate’s public record information, to be able to determine if they are fit for hire. Instances that will almost always eliminate a job candidate from consideration are any recent felony convictions and sexual crimes. Companies can be held liable if they knowingly hired a convicted felon or sex offender who then went on to commit a crime at work. Background record checks are a good way keep ensure public safety.

Crime data are also available in the Sheriff’s office website. A link will take the searcher to This separate website will show the most common crimes happening on a particular area. It also shows an inmate bookings list for jail bookings and a Santa Clara County Police arrest Log where recent arrests are posted and archived for public use.


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