Will Sexual Harassment Attorney Take Your Case?

Apr 8


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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If you are subject to unwelcome or gender-based Conduct at work, then talk to a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles to see if you have a legitimate case. Before meeting your lawyer, you should know how a lawyer will assess your claim and advise you further.


If you or your co-worker is subject to sexual harassment at your workplace,Will Sexual Harassment Attorney Take Your Case? Articles it must be covered by federal or state law to hold your employer responsible. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual or physical conduct that creates an offensive or hostile work environment. A sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles will help you throughout your case and evaluate the evidence you have to prove your lawsuit.

What A Lawyer Look For In Sexual Harassment Case?

Although you may feel that you are subject to sexual harassment at work, the law is particular about what it is and not sexual harassment conduct. The sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles will evaluate your potential case based on the evidence to prove your case.

Was The Conduct Genuinely Unwelcome?

Suppose you were a part of sexual banter, told dirty jokes, or otherwise voluntarily participated in the Conduct that you now complain of to the lawyer. In that case, you may face difficulty proving the Conduct as sexual harassment. The lawyer will ask you about the whole scenario, and how you responded to the alleged harasser, and if you made it clear that you were offended by the Conduct.

Was The Conduct Offensive?

The lawyer will also look for a reasonable person in your shoes who has found the conduct offensive. For example, if an employee is offended by a calendar in a cubicle, it depicts female track athletes in sportswear. However, a reasonable person would not.

Did A Supervisor commit the Conduct?

The sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles would need evidence of the report if a co-worker were engaged in the offensive Conduct. It is essential to keep a copy of any statements, letters, emails, or notes that shows the manage conduct of harassment. You may also give the lawyer any evidence you have to prove the harassment that shows your supervisor harassed you.

What Are Your Damages?

Have you lost your job as a result of the harassment? The sexual harassment lawyer will look for any damages if the supervisor or other person with authority has held over your promotion, demotion, cut in hours, or even termination. The attorney will fight for your rights if you have suffered loss or reduced pay due to sexual harassment.

Are You A Good Witness?

Your sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles will evaluate you to see how you appear on the witness stand in front of the judge and jury. The evaluation covers your appearance, credibility, jury appeal. The lawyer will help choose the dress as you will appear for court when you meet with the jury. Also, organize your evidence in advance, and prepare as brief and coherent a summary of your case as possible.