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A simple way to build traffic for free to your website.

A simple way to build traffic to your website and gain popularity with Google is by posting links. A link is like a vote of popularity,Guest Posting saying this is a good website to check out. So where should you post links you may be wondering?

Going to forums related to the content of your website, making comments and leaving your link is a popular way. If you leave a short comment, people may be interested in learning more of what you have to say and click on your link. Also going to blogs or having your own blog is another easy way.

Another popular way is called reciprocal links, meaning exchanging links with other webmasters. Although time consuming, it is a very effective way to gain link popularity. You simply find other websites with similar, non-competing content and email them asking to exchange links.

There are many link directories that offer free listings, however you will want to seek out quality directories, avoiding spam-type ones or FFA (free for all) directories. Look for ones that are human edited and have other quality sites listed.

Joining social networks can also build free links. Many of them are free to join and you can post as often as you have time for. Posting videos on popular sites such as You Tube is a very effective way. If people like your video, they may want to see more of your site.

With some time dedicated to building links you will soon see your website soar in popularity, thus improving your rank at search engines and increasing your income.

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