The Importance of Having Links

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This guide is intended as an all-inclusive text on effectively building thousands of relevant and quality links to your web site.

The Importance of Having Links:
Why should you take the time to proactively build links to your web site? Simply put,Guest Posting to receive additional traffic.
These additional visitors will come from two sources.
1. Indirect traffic from higher rankings in the search engines.
2. Direct traffic from persons clicking on the links.
Why will your rankings be higher in the search engines if you have more links? Well, a significant part of a search engine ranking is dependent on two factors called link popularity and link
reputation. The higher each of these factors, the higher your site will be listed for each of the search terms for which your site appears.
Link popularity is dependent on the number of other web sites that link to you. The more web sites link to yours, the higher your link popularity. Link reputation is the quality of the incoming
links to your site. It is dependent on how relevant the sites to link yours are and how well known those sites are. How well know a site is can be determined by looking at Google Page Rank or
Alexa rankings. The more closely related and greater trafficked sites you can obtain sites from,the better your link reputation and the higher your rankings.

Why is it important to have links from site that are on the same topic yours? Well, a search engine wants to give its users the most relevant results possible. If a user searches for “International Holidays”
the most relevant site is likely to be the one with the most links from sites about International Holidays.The logic is that International Holidays sites are most likely going to be linking to other International Holidays
sites, or at least sites on Holidays. If your site has two hundred links from other Holidays web sites and is optimized for the keyword “International Holidays,” your site has a very good chance of showing up in
the top position for this keyword.For ultra-competitive keywords such as health, sex, or shopping, if you do not have at tens of thousands of links coming to your site you will have no chance at being in the top ten in the
search engines no matter how much optimization you do.With less competitive keywords in niche markets, generally, a few hundred to a few thousand
links should be plenty to drive you to the top of search engines for your targeted keywords with the right optimization strategy.If you want your company and product to be seen, you must make sure that your web site is
strategically positioned at many different locations on the Internet. Positioning, one of the four Ps of marketing, is an absolutely critical component of the marketing mix. If you are not positioned to
be where your customer is when your customer is ready to buy, you lose. Your competitor who is
in that place at that time wins.

A visitor can only come to a site in two ways, either by clicking on a link or typing in the address.Without links your web site is an Island, relying solely on someone typing in your web site
address. Most visitors will come to your site via links, not by directly typing in your web site address. With numerous links on related web sites there will be a much better chance someone
who is looking for the information, service, or product you provide will be able to find you. The more people looking for exactly what you provide coming to your web site the higher your sales
will be. Having numerous incoming links to your web site is crucial to solidifying and expanding your traffic base, improving your search engine rankings, and greatly increasing your sales.

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