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Tips for using anchor text correctly to increase your rankings when building backlinks to your website.

Everyone knows that link building is an extremely important part of getting high search engine rankings and creating a successful online business. When you begin working on getting backlinks for your site,Guest Posting you will certainly come across the term "anchor text" almost immediately. You might wonder what that means and why it's important. I am going to explain that for you here so you don't have to wonder anymore.

Anchor text is the words that you see on a link. For example, a regular link looks like this -- -- but an anchored link looks like this -- Your Keyword Phrase -- those words would be linked to the URL. They both go to the same place but one of them is a straight link and the other one is "anchored" with text.

When building backlinks your anchor text is very important because search engines connect your website with those words and rank you for them. So, if your website teaches people how to start a home business, you might use anchors such as... home business, home based business, online business, start a business, work at home, and others related to those. This helps boost your search engine rankings for those phrases.

It is very important to use your main keyword phrase(s) as your anchor text on links as much as possible because you want your website to rank highly for those keywords. And doing this simple thing will help more than anything with your rankings. You will include your anchor text on links in your author bio boxes in articles, signature in forums, link exchanges, blog comments (where allowed), guest posts, backlink services, and all your other link building activities whenever possible. It's not always possible to use anchor text so sometimes you must simply put a regular link.

However, you do need to be sure to change anchor text regularly so all your links aren't exactly the same. Use slight variations of your main keyword phrase and other related phrases quite a bit. This is very important because it is not natural if all your anchors are the same. And you want your link building efforts to be as natural as possible. If other people were simply linking to your site because they liked it (naturally), they wouldn't all use the exact same anchor text. There would be many variations of it, and often times no anchor would be used at all.

You should vary all of the search terms you want to be connected with your site so it eventually ranks highly for all of them. Of course, you also need to optimize your actual site for those keywords. Only use anchors texts that are related to what your websites content is actually about. You should also point anchored links to inner pages of your site when appropriate, not just the home page.

Using anchor text correctly when building links will greatly increase your online business success by giving you higher search engine rankings, more traffic, and ultimately more money. Use them wisely and effectively!

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