The SECRET GOLD MINE Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!

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Some people just do not get it.They go to all the trouble of ... ... to a FREE For All (FFA) Link site, be itan ... web site or more than likely, amember of a huge network of 1000

Some people just do not get it.

They go to all the trouble of submitting their
links to a FREE For All (FFA) Link site,Guest Posting be it
an individual web site or more than likely, a
member of a huge network of 1000's of FFA
Link sites.

But then they miss it completely by avoiding the
massive amounts of email the result from such

Some people enter in false email addresses that
clog up everyone's email including the ISP's
that have to send out those, "User Unknown" messages.

Worse still, even if by accident, or if on purpose, they
enter in an email address that turns out to belong to
someone else.

Doing this does bring you the limited benefit of having
other web sites link to your web site but you would
miss out completely by NOT getting visitors.

And if you do it on purpose, there are now legal
ramifications for entering in false info that then
causes someone else damage due to the misuse
of resources.

The absolutely outrageous truth about FFA Link
submissions is that there is a "SECRET GOLD MINE
Hidden In FFA Link Submissions!".


It is the email responses!

Many people consider those confirmation emails as
junk email and or spam. But that is totally WRONG!


Because those emails come from people that PAID for the
privilege to send you those confirmation emails, Spam-Free.

That means that every single email confirmation that you
receive comes from a QUALIFIED BUYER, someone that
has already proven their worth because they SPENT hard
earned MONEY to buy a business service online.


And, NO, it is NOT enough to send an auto-response
message to those confirmation emails.

But that is a great first step.

You make your FFA Link submission. The PREMIUM
FFA Member sends you one confirmation email.

You are now legally entitled to respond - ONCE,
with your own Auto-Responder message.

Make the SUBJECT - TITLE a good one because most
people ONLY scan the headlines and delete what is
of no interest.

You can use any of several good Auto-Responder
services that are available for FREE online.

We offer a List of FREE Auto-Responder Services:
via Auto-Responder at:

But what about all of those confirmation emails?

Some of the Auto-Responder services forward all your
responses to you for review of any that might have
special questions, requests, etc.

That still leaves you with the problem of having to
go through all of that email via your main email address.


A FREE Email Provider that ALSO has a FREE Auto-Responder!

That way all responses go to your extra e-mailbox and
your message AUTOMATICALLY gets sent to everyone
responding to your FFA link submission.

For a List of FREE Email Providers via Auto-Responder:

Don't forget to access that FREE Email account and
manage your email otherwise your incoming messages
will bounce because of a "Full Mailbox".

In order to really TAP INTO THIS SECRET GOLD MINE, you
must take a minute or two and actually reply to
those email messages or visit the web site they feature.

By doing so, you open a legal, Spam-Free dialogue

Once you open a line of communication with these
PREMIUM FFA members, then you can legally email
them from time to time about something you are featuring.

Using this technique, I have amassed a list of over 700

And, we receive a steady flow of visitors to our web site
and new subscribers to our newsletter.

It has more than paid for itself generating new streams of
cash flow and new customers for our services with the only
investment necessary on our part being the time and effort
to compile the list.

Keep the lines of communication open with this small,
select group of people and you will always have ready
access to one of the best LISTS of potential BUYERS
for your products or services.

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