6 Responsive Templates To Use in B2C Communications

Apr 13




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The boom about Digital Media MArketing is directly related to the way it communicates so easily to its recipients, and how affordable some communications methods might be, with that in mind, communications have to be efficient and specific to its targets.


According to statistics,6 Responsive Templates To Use in B2C Communications Articles only 24% of prospects ever open sales emails. But still, getting your recipient to open and read your email is just half of your marketing journey. Getting them to take action narrows down to the length, value, and how your email sounds. First, it should be short, attractive, and to the point enough to attract attention, convincing to hold them to the end, and thoughtful to suit their interests and make them click on the call-to-action. How do you do this? Read on to find out.

How to Write a B2C Email

EHR (Electrical Medical Records) changed the game for the manual paper-based medical records and brought convenience with its invention. In that same way, email marketing also changes how businesses acquire their customers and rapidly take over brick and mortar marketing techniques. Here are ways to maximize your reach.

1. Personalize your email

Personalization makes the prospect feel that the email is specifically meant for them and will most likely take action due to the honor. First, address the recipient by name, then say why you are writing the email. Always ensure that your reason is more about them as much as you can.

2. Mention your offers

Mention some of the pain points while trying to personalize them to your prospect’s situation as much as you can. If you have any evidence, case studies, social proofs relating to the pain points, spill it out. You may also link to some exclusive content covering the same.

3. Pull your bargain

Try and use a call-to-action that is short and clear. Studies show that offering several options reduce the chances of a click. As such, you are safe with a single CTA requiring a simple "yes" or "no" response. Having a no-friction request makes it more possible to get action.

4. Your signature line

Try and include the basics, like your company or your name, contact information, plus everything you deem necessary. These could be links to relevant content, rewards, social proof, or anything that could demonstrate your credibility and help you build your rapport.

5. Responsive Templates To Use in B2C Communications

Email marketing may not take you so much effort but rewards you handsomely if you do it right. Here are some templates.


  1. a) Offer Solutions

You can offer a solution to a challenge that your prospect likely faces to increase their interest.


Hello (name)

I have been doing intensive research relating to (industry or profession), and I've realized many challenges in the field. Check this (link to relevant content) to see if you can relate.

Also, I have several other resources that I can share with you. Would you mind meeting up and talk?

Kind Regards,

(Your name).

Linking to your published articles, films, or internet videos will grow your brand.


  1. b) Requesting Permission

Requesting permission to do something for your recipient puts you ahead since not everyone does that. It also builds trust, shows respect, and leaves them in suspense to know more.



I have ideas that can widen the scope of your brand and reach more people. Can we meet up to share the tips?



  1. c) Write a “So What” Email

Provide a short description of your offer, then ask for a chance to continue.



Writer's block is the reason most freelancers reap poorly from their efforts. It makes you spend unexpectedly long hours on simple tasks.

I can help you get past that. Can we meet up next week to share the ideas?



  1. d) Be Specific

Be as specific and straight to the point as possible. Here is an example.


At (brand), we can help you grow your lead by up to 70% per month. Check out our customer reviews (link).


Do you have time next week so that I take you through our procedures?



  1. e) Build Rapport

You can use your connections in social media, especially LinkedIn, to build your rapport.



I realized that we are all members of the (mention group) in LinkedIn. I also saw an update that you moved your office to (locality). Are you free to attend our forthcoming (mention event)?

The chief guest will be the renowned (attention-drawing personality). Please let me know if I should send you the registration forms.


6. Be a Giver

Offer something that you know the recipient will appreciate. It doesn’t have to be directly from you, but that will help you gain their trust and build a relationship.



(Mention brand) are offering free mentorship for (mention) beginners. You can also benefit from the training.

Excited? I can share the registration details.



As a copywriter, your content should prompt your readers to take action. That's the main reason for writing the copies. There's nothing wrong with using a well-written template to guide you in your creation. Just ensure that you don’t paste everything from the template.


Source: Free Guest Posting Articles from ArticlesFactory.com