Envelopes Are Here To Stay

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Why envelopes are here to stay

Any organization has to have these: envelopes. They are standard office supply and they come in various styles and sizes: standard mail size,Guest Posting plastic coated, water-repelling, padded, large brown, etc. Envelope printing companies have developed more envelopes than anyone could ever imagine because of the changing need for them.

It does not take a genius to figure out what envelopes printing do, but do we really know the purpose of the ubiquitous envelope? I ask this question because in many cases, envelopes are not necessary. For instance, newsletters or publications can be sent as self-mailers. Business letters can also be faxed, thus, eliminating the need for envelopes.

Most importantly, the advent of the internet has also revolutionized the way we correspond. Emails are now the preferred choice of businesses today because they are efficient, accessible and less costly.
With these new technologies, is envelope printing becoming obsolete?

On the contrary, envelopes will never be obsolete. Envelopes printing will still be part of any organization because there will always be a need for it no matter what they say. They have been part of business processes and they will continue to be part of it for a very long time. Envelope printing is part of history, a tradition if you like.

So how can businesses save on envelopes printing if they continue to use them? Recycle. As with any other business item, recycling is the most preferred choice when it comes to saving money. Reusing envelopes is also another option. It not only reduces waste, it also saves a lot of money. Most envelopes, if properly handled, can be reused several times. You just have to remove the old address labels and stick on a new one. You can also patch on the space provided for postage metering or stamps. While the money that can be saved from recycling envelopes may be insignificant if we look at it on a piece-meal basis, but I guarantee that after several years, the savings derived from this would be sufficient for you to purchase a new computer.

Although most paper envelopes are recyclable, there are exceptions to this rule.
For instance, some recycling markets refuse to accept brown or paper-padded envelopes. Plastic envelopes and those with plastic bubble padding are also very difficult to recycle. Therefore, when you purchase envelopes always remember that you want to maximize their utility. Buying white or light-colored envelopes increases the chance that it can be given a new lease in life.

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