Global optical coatings market will reach $ 7.4 billion in 2012

Feb 23


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Benefit from the nanotechnology, display technology and the development of biotechnology, optical coatings market is expected to reach $ 7.4 billion in 2012.


Demands of electronic equipment,Global optical coatings market will reach $ 7.4 billion in 2012 Articles medical and transport sector will drive the expansion of the market. The market report pointed out that due to the continuous advancement of technology, the optical coating makes contributions for new markets and business opportunities. Optical magnesia films are used in different fields, including environmental, chemical, abrasion resistance industry, EMI shielding, climate control, bio-protection, temperature operation, a variety of optical components and filters. Demand from a variety of electronic instruments, including flat panel displays, laser optics, computer, television screens and cameras will promote the development of the market.

A key feature of optical coating is its surface quality. The surface quality determines the performance of optical devices. High quality optical coating is starting to smooth super-polished optical substrate, and its roughness is 0.05 nm. Conventional coating will increase the optical roughness of the substrate surface roughness depends on the technology used. For example, the evaporation technique deposited film surface roughness typical 1 nm, typical of ion-assisted deposition technique to obtain surface roughness of 0.4 nm. Ion beam sputtering deposition of thin nickel oxide film surface roughness and super polished substrates equivalent of 0.05 nm.

As an important branch of modern optics, optical coatings developed with the wave theory of light and relative theoretical basis. Optical coating has been widely used in various optical devices (such as the laser resonator, interference filter, optical lens, etc.). Its important role in the field of electric light has gradually been recognized. The United States is the world's largest optical coating market. The market share in 2008 was about $ 2.81 billion. The next is in Asia demand, following by European demand thirdly. The Asian market has accounted for 86% of total global market. The market valuation of transmission and reflection film is about $ 3 billion in 2008. Global reflection film market is expected to reach $ 699 million in 2012.