Mega Marketing for Mega Money Part 8

Dec 10


Stan Billue

Stan Billue

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Marketing Secrets and Shortcuts to Sell yourself your Product or Service for little or no money.


You can have a great Product or Service however if you keep it a secret,Mega Marketing for Mega Money Part 8   Articles there won’t be any Sales.  Of course the missing part of the puzzle is always Marketing.  Many people in Business feel that Marketing is an expense that can’t afford.  Nothing could be further from the truth and in this series of Articles I’ll cover many ways to market your Product and/or Service for little or no money.

[43]  Surveys:

Surveys give you a great idea what your Prospects and Clients and thinking.  What are their likes and dislikes?  What do they want in the way of Pricing, Packaging, Specials, Terms and Guarantees?  How do they compare you to the Competition?  What do they need this year that they didn't last year?  It also truly shows that you care about their opinions, feelings and feedback.

[44]  Raffles:

Most people love the opportunity to get something of value at no cost so you might consider this once a year or so.  Your Customers could get one Entry for each Order or one Entry for each particular dollar amount they spend.  You could giveaway one of your Products or Services or better yet, get a Vendor or Supplier to donate something of value at little or no cost to you.

[45]  Joint Ventures:

A Joint Venture is any combination of Companies where one Company promotes the Product or Service from the other Company to their Client and/or Prospect Lists or possibly both Companies co-promote each other's Product or Service to both Lists.  The benefits include reduced advertising costs, added credibility from the other Company's Testimonial plus all of the new found Business you obtain.

[46]  Know your Numbers:

There's a great saying that "If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up someplace else".  Allow me to paraphrase that by stating "If you don't know your Numbers, you probably won't go anywhere". With any type of Advertising, you need to know your response percentage, cost per Lead and conversion rate, etc.  Once you have accurate stats it becomes easy to know what needs to be tweaked for improvement,  When I do Consulting, many times  I've found that we only need to improve certain numbers or percentages by 5 or 10% which results in a dramatic 50 to 200% overall positive impact to the Bottom Line.

[47]  Gift Cards:

These add Pure Profit to your bottom line.  First they add Revenue before you need to fill the Orders.  Second, they build Brand loyalty.  Third, they are a convenience for your Customers.  Fourth, they can bring you new Customers.  Last and most important, anywhere from 30 to 50% of all Gift Cards are NEVER redeemed.

[48]  2 quick Tips for Direct Response Ads:

First, when you instruct the Prospects to call a toll free number, explain they will only be listening to a Recorded Message and not talking to a "live" Person.  This puts them at ease since they might be afraid that a "live" person might try to Sell them.  Second, ask them to leave their Email Address for additional details rather than their Phone Number.  This also disarms Prospects who are concerned about being bombarded with phone calls.

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