Real Estate and Feng Shui: Targeting to a Diverse Market for Real Estate Agents

Apr 12


Carole Provenzale

Carole Provenzale

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With today's diverse market, learn how Real Estate Agents can use Feng Shui to help their listings get SOLD.


How can the ancient art of Feng Shui be helpful to Real Estate Agents?  With the diversity of the market,Real Estate and Feng Shui:  Targeting to a Diverse Market for Real Estate Agents Articles you will want to know what your clients may be looking for in their new homes and addressing these issues ahead of time will put you ahead of the competition.

A basic knowledge of Feng Shui is important for all real estate agents.  Feng Shui is a widely held belief of many cultures where potential homeowners will look to see if a home will “support” them in all the areas of their lives.  For example, the front door is very important as many consider this area the “Mouth of Chi,” a place where all good energy enters.  Checking to see that the pathway leading up to the front door is clean and unbroken as well as having an immaculate front door will help a sale right from the beginning.  In Black Sect Feng Shui, all doors are considered the “voices” of the occupants.  They should all be able to open freely without squeaking or knocking into each other.

What other things will your clientele be likely to be looking into?  They are very aware of what we call “missing pieces:”  When a home is not in a square shape, depending on where the area is, they will determine this is a missing piece and will affect a certain area of their life depending on where it is missing.  For real estate agents, having a simple understanding of The Bagua can help you to understand why they believe this.  Feng Shui consultants who are trained in Western method as well as some of the other forms can make all corrections simply and inexpensively; they never believe a home won’t support the new occupants.

New homeowners are also looking at the new home in relation to the street or outside energies that are surrounding it.  They are unfavorable to homes in Courts (where energy can sometimes pool) or T-Junctions where streets will cross-sect into their homes.  Again, using Western methods these are relatively simple issues to address.

The number “Four” on a home is probably the least likely of all of the other areas that will deter a potential buyer.  For many, the number “Four” sounds like “death” much as like the number 13 is considered here to be unlucky.  This is a difficult area to address though some have suggested painting the house numbers in a circle to “contain” this energy.

They may well want to know a history of the home and something about the previous owners, so you may want to prepare for that was well.  It is important for them to dispel the “predecessor” energy of those that have lived there before.

These are just a few of the ideas you can arm yourself with when selling a home in today’s market.  It might be wise to enlist the aid of a Feng Shui consultant who is familiar with various methods of Feng Shui including Western methods to dispel their fears and help you, as their real estate agent, sell the homes, knowing that someone who practices from a positive perspective will not deter the sale of a home.