Energy Intensified --- Magnifying your Energy to Create the Best in Feng Shui

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Your own Chi (Energy) is the most powerful thing you have. Learn how to intensify it even more.

Energy Intensified

Working with Energy and FengShui  for Double Happiness

By:  Carole Provenzale,Guest Posting CFSP

        Feng Shui Long Island

When I work with a client, I also infuse my energy into their changes and advise them how this intensifies the changes they wish to create.  Doubling the Energy of anything you do is likely to intensify and magnify it.  It is one of the very reasons I believe Mirrors to be so powerful.  They double the energy of anything they are reflecting.  And to place them appropriately is of utmost importance.  I want good, peaceful or even lively reflections back and I will check every mirror in a home for this very reason.

Some people are under the misconception that a home that has used Feng Shui Principles will look like a Chinese Restaurant.  If you walked into my home, you may feel something different but you won’t SEE anything different.  It does not look Chinese or even have an Asian look to it.  When we are working with INTENTION, it is important to remember that although we might place an object in a certain place for a certain reason, it does not need to show.  It is our Intention (The law of attraction that many of you are so familiar with) that is at work.  As long as the change has been made while infusing it with your energy, it will materialize. 

Recently I was in Flushing, New York, which is located in Queens.  I have long heard of Main Street there as being a small “Chinatown” and wanted to experience it.  After parking and walking for a long time, we began to pass stores that were all Chinese or Asian and I saw what I have seen at almost every Chinese Restaurant I have ever eaten in:  What is called “The Lucky Cat.”  It is a cat with a waving arm and is considered to be “beckoning” in either the money (Right paw) or luck and fortune (the left paw).  On a impulse, I decided to pick one up and a friend did as well.

I put mine facing the front door as I want to attract good fortune right into my house.  She placed hers near her computer where she often gets her business contacts.  Although our intentions were different, what at first appeared to be a small object that moves began to have some strange happenings with it.  She got two contacts for her business the next day while I received three Feng Shui Consultations.  Catching up at night, we laughingly referred to this little cat with a lot of power.  But synchronicities have continued for both of us and we are no longer laughing over the intensity of this cat.

I began also to think of the power of prayer.  If you have ever belonged to a prayer group, either online or in person, you know the magnitude of many people praying for one person or to create something to bring about change is very powerful indeed.   If we can intensify an energy of consultation with just two people, what could be accomplished by many??  In thinking if a cat that probably costs no more then a few dollars to produce, is it possible it can have that kind of power?  I thought of the thousands of people worldwide who believe it does and wouldn’t be without one.  From a Feng Shui perspective, the object moves; we will often recommend placing a moving object in an area we want to get “moving.”  And with their beckoning “paw” they are certainly moving.

Does the infusion of all these people that hold strong beliefs that this little “Lucky Cat” hold the very key to what makes it work?  It might be something to think about next time you are in Chinatown.

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