The best survival guide named as “The Lost Ways”, by Claude Davis has been published

Jan 11




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The best survival guide named as “The Lost Ways”, by Claude Davis has been published. Edited book is available for modern world individuals describing best survival guides in a classic manner.


The Lost Ways is an impressive approach for individuals who desperately ask to acquire basic survival skills for most unwanted or unforeseen condition. Skills that were popular in 17th century are described precisely,The best survival guide named as “The Lost Ways”, by Claude Davis has been published Articles to be followed by modern day people.

The guide in actual is a mean to get prepared for disaster situations rather than getting panicked after facing it. Every corner of the world may face war, earthquake, flood, draught, famines, financial crisis etc, if individuals are well planned to face then survival would rather be easier and long lasting.

The latest edition of this theory is written by Claude Davis who has clearly mentioned about crisis that world may experience shortly, and there is urgent requirement and preparation to be done by individuals accordingly for facing such conditions.

“If we aren’t prepared earlier, it would rather be impossible to overcome the consequences of future crisis,” Davis said.

The inclusions of theories and practices included in this guide have been believed to be used by our ancestors, but their presentation has been done in technically sophisticated manner. In actual the traditional concepts are mixed with modern advancements that rarely fail.

The three included chapters consist of introduction manual, creation of bunkers, learning food preservation techniques and becoming a survival expert.

Readers in first chapter would learn different techniques of food preservation along with its preparation. Author has briefly described all nutritional food sources including vitamins and minerals that last for long duration and are edible to eat in crisis situation.

During 17th century the concept of food preservation and special food preparation was quite common, and these theories are well explained here for making survival a best possibility.

The best idea to draw from this book is the creation of bunkers, which have high potential to make a well protective shield against the unforeseen condition of earthquake as well as attack of nuclear missile.

Claude Davis narrated “Natural disasters are inevitable so it is compulsory for individuals to stay prepared for it.” It’s a fact that every natural disaster ends up giving a lesson to human society and taking those experience individuals have a good chance to become survival expert.

The Lost Ways provides all those skills that were used earlier by our ancestors taking into their experience level and effectiveness. So by these theories individuals may get grooming to their expertise level and enhance the survival chance during disaster phase.

Individuals need to have potential with their decision making ability that can shape their life and give high protection to their family members, if any disaster arrives. It’s all about survival skill that needs to be build here for becoming expert and even dictating those methods to your community.