The Simple and Surprising Marketing System That Builds Sales

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Is your business doing as well as you'd like? Why not?
Pause for a few seconds to think about the answer to this
question. Got it?

If you'd like your business to sell more,Guest Posting keep reading.
Here are 3 simple and effective steps that exceptional
businesses use to grow sales.

Step One: Throw out all the reasons why you're not selling

That's right, those same reasons you just came up with.
What if you had to come up with ways to sell more, despite
those reasons? What would you do?

For example, many business owners say they can't sell more
because of the poor economy. That's a good reason, but so
what. At the same time, some businesses thrive in poor
economic times.

What about the "no money" reason? Many businesses don't
have a marketing budget. There are similarly strapped
companies who grow on a shoestring. They don't let good
reasons stop them. Don't let good reasons stop your
business from succeeding.

Step Two: Start marketing.

Use your reasons as a starting point. Take poor economic
times. In poor economic times, what do people want? In
general, people are looking for value or fun or both value
and fun. How can you add fun to your business? Can you
offer discounts for stocking up? Discounts for prepaying?
Or instead of a discount, how can you offer more value?

If your business is low on funds, think about how you can
effectively use the marketing funds you do have. There are
lots of things you can do that can build your sales without
without using all your cash.

Get your current customers to refer friends. Trade
advertising with complimentary businesses. Set up
pay-per-sale arrangements with other businesses. They
recommend your business, you pay them a referral fee when
you make a sale.

Many business owners procrastinate on marketing. If you
have reasons why you're not marketing today, see Step One
above. Choose something to do and do it today.

Step Three: Test and Measure

Find out what mix of tactics work for your business. Test
small. See what works. So you can do more of what works.
Also dissect what DID NOT work. Why didn't it work?

This is where many businesses make a critical mistake. They
don't know why a certain marketing technique didn't work.
But they kiss it goodbye anyway.

For example, a webmaster tried advertising online but didn't
get sales. She could have stopped advertising online.
Instead, she looked closely at the results. It turned out
that the advertising DID bring her hundreds of visitors who
were searching for her products.

The sales-stopper turned out to be her website, not online
ads. Her website had several barriers to making sales.
It didn't build confidence, images were grainy, her
shopping cart was hard to use. Visitors just clicked away.
When those roadblocks were removed, her website started
selling almost immediately.

Whenever you're frustrated by low sales, you may want to
take this article out and skim through it again. Let these
3 simple steps help you jumpstart your sales.

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