What is Brand Management? Everything You Need to Know.

May 24


Jordyn Whitman

Jordyn Whitman

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Many people are stuck asking “What is Brand Management?” In terms of marketing, brand management is overlooking the position of a brand in their business category and how they are looked upon in the marketing by consumers and other businesses.


When consulting for brand management,What is Brand Management? Everything You Need to Know. Articles creating positive relationships with the marketing trend, the brand is going for is important to a successful campaign.

When it comes to the product itself that needs management, it is wise to look at the tangible elements for proper brand management. This includes the price, how the product looks, what the product offers, packing if there is any, and a general consideration of the look. Intangible elements should also be managed, as they are the elements that decide how the consumer experience is with the brand. Brand management, or a brand manager, will overlook all of these facets.

To explain it in another way, brand management is a way to describe all elements of the brand itself, such as media placement, media distribution, design/graphic design, and general advertising. In our modern, technology drive time, this will also include social media management. It will fall under the umbrella that is brand management. Overall, it’s also about the identification and the continuous, ever changing development of the persona of the brand.

A popular question people get asked is, what qualifies as a brand? Can anything be a brand? And the answer is not everything, but depending on the marketing, most objects or things can be considered a brand when spun appropriately. A service, for example, can be a brand. Think of a plumbing company. Their job is to provide plumbing services to the area they are stationed in. Plumbing, as a service, becomes a brand for this company at that point. This is because it has intangible elements. A plumber comes to a consumer’s house, and the consumer is affected by how the plumber completed the job, how professional they were, what kind of tools they used, etc. Many consumers will perceive this service the same but also differently and individually. Therefore, it is a brand, but is intangible.

Other qualifications for a brand include products. They are tangible and intangible. A person can interact/touch/see an item in from of them and they can also have a personal experience and develop their own opinion by how it makes them actually feel. Other brands can be people, events, and organizations.

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