10 things to complement your wedding ceremony

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Wedding is a special moment for every bride and groom. Planning it properly and taking utmost care in making a grand success is something to be appreciated as lots of efforts are required and various stakeholders are involved in it.

Let's look at how certain things can ensure the successful event.

Wedding is like an aggregated product that consists of several by-products. So,Guest Posting you have to identify what and how those by-products would be. It could be in the form of photography, decoration, bridal artists, catering and more.

Though we take utmost care in selecting the perfect ones from all these, there are certain aspects which if included, would surely make your D day special not just for you and your beloved but also for guests.

  1. Performances: Everybody expect some dance performances especially during the sangeet and pre-wedding events. In addition to it, have some fun games so as to offer more reason for guests’ participation.
  2. Welcome box: It could consist of some snacks, water bottles or some sweets, which could be nicely packed.
  3. Entrance: Bridal entry is something that keeps everyone awaited and excited. Now a days, it’s much in a trend and innovative tactics are implemented in order to make an entry all the more special and memorable.
  4. Decoration: from seating arrangement to breath-taking flowers to wall spotlight, there are plenty of options you can include in your decoration.
  5. Food: One of the most important things your guest would remember, so make sure that you hire the best caterers, taste it beforehand and ensure availability of all the menu items.
  6. Choreographed Bride & groom: Indians love to dance, they love to hear music. The amazing performances engage and enlighten the guests throughout.
  7. Chandelier in Mandap: Chandeliers inside the mandap with draped fabric gives it a moden, mesmerising look and feel.
  8. Hashtag in wedding: With the growing popularity of Hashtags across online platforms, it makes sense to let the guests click pictures; videos from the wedding and then the couple can see all the photos afterwards.
  9. DJ request box: Give your guests an option to play their favourite songs and take the feel of the environment.
  10. Comfort for Guests: All in all, comfort of guests is very important and ensuring it would make them happy and share the moments with everybody.

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