5 Tips to Have Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

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Planning a wedding is not an easy task for anyone. You have to be ready to endure long hours of planning and re-planning to achieve that dream wedding you have always wanted.


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Budget for Dream Wedding

Many aspects come together to form a wedding. You and your partner should discuss the kind of wedding you want to have, then set a budget for it. The honeymoon cost is part of the wedding budget so remember to set aside a good amount to experience your dream honeymoon. Here are a few tips to achieve a wedding you want on your budget.


Planning involves choosing all aspects that make up your wedding, such as the dress, cake, venue. Start planning early to avoid the last-minute rush or forgetting important details of your wedding. Include your family in the planning if they are helping you out with the finances. Although, the wedding couple should make the final wedding decisions.

Knowing the type of wedding you want helps with planning for that specific idea. Too many ideas may derail your planning. It would help if you discussed the wedding that appeals to both of you to make the planning easier. Prioritize the major aspects of your wedding and make arrangements early enough.


Separate your spending accordingly. Allocate money for each element, such as catering, decorations, cake, and photography. Knowing where and how much money you need to spend in certain areas helps you adjust the budget quickly.

One area that most wedding planners advise against budgeting is photography. Never opt for a budget photographer. Your wedding photos should be perfect for preserving one of the most important days of your life. Get a professional photographer, not necessarily an expensive one.


Once you decide to have a wedding, set up a savings account to help cater to your expenses. You can agree on the amount to deposit to meet your budget. Discussing the intervals of making the deposit depends on the time you have and the wedding budget.

You can set up an automatic transfer plan where a section of your paycheck directly goes into saving. It is easier to save without being tempted to spend the money on other expenses. Having family members contribute helps accumulate the desired amount faster. Please do not ask for too much from the family since that makes them feel pressured. Allow everyone to contribute what feels comfortable for them.

Budget for Surprise Costs

Sometimes things do not go the way you had planned. It would be wise if you set aside some money for such occurrences. Always account for all categories, big or small such as staff meals and delivery costs. Having a detailed andall-rounded budget helps to include everyone and every expense.

When you feel confident you have every aspect covered, you can comfortably have extra money for unplanned costs. Accidents may happen, or event staff may fail to show. It would be best to be prepared to meet the cost to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Remain Flexible

Be flexible in what you would like for your wedding. If you prefer a May-November Saturday wedding, you may have to book six months in advance. May-November period is most famous for weddings, and it may cost a little more to secure a date. However, you can choose a different season or venue to meet your budget.

Stress Less

A wedding is easily one of the most important days for most people. Having a dream wedding is terrific, but do not go into debt trying to go above and beyond. Aim for a meaningful, elegant, and personal wedding.


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