6 Coolest Ideas of Sherwani for Men Wedding In Delhi

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The last year had an inhibiting effect on all sorts of occasions and celebrations,Guest Posting especially weddings. In India, weddings are more than just a celebration, better to say it's a festival! Though in 2020, intimate and cosy weddings were on a trend, 2021 is also expected to be the year of dashing parties and big fat weddings.

At weddings, brides have eternally been the heart of attention, thanks to their sartorial selections. But now, grooms have also been snapped by the fashion bug. Therefore, they started to rule the events, parties and social docs as well.

Since women adore a well-dressed man, whether he flaunts a fashionable tuxedo or a classic sherwani - men started to take fashion for the grant! However, during the wedding seasons, sherwani takes the stage blow away. Here, we have got a collection of the coolest Sherwani for Men Wedding in Delhi to smack the trend of 2021.

  1. Classic Black Bandhgala

    Amongst other trends and shades, the classic Bandhgala in the intense black shade is the trend of 2021 year. This sherwani makes a solid statement of the personal style of a person. Besides, classic Bandhgalasherwanis are a straightforward chic of a groom's best friend.

  2. Royal Embroidered

    This is it! In 2021, a royal stitch with colour or colour-less embroidered quilting is on fashion jam. This year, embroidered and handcrafted sherwanis will be in top vogue since they offer royal, traditional attire with a sophisticated touch.

  3. Fusion Sherwani On Style

    Fusion sherwanis like embellished chest designs, plain Bandhgala, achkan styles or cross-chest Bandhagala with modern Safas and placement are some rising trends that we will see at most weddings this year. People who love mixing colours, styles, patterns will love this indo-western fusion sherwani with a muted tone. This one is going to be another on-demand Sherwani for Men Wedding in Delhi.

  4. Printed Bandhgala

    Printed bandh galas are perfect for people with subtle choices but don't want to overdo their dressing for the wedding occasion. The embellishment on the bandh gala gives a distinct touch to the groom's style, making the entire attire look more dressy and classy.

  5. Floral White

    Another on-demand wedding Sherwani for Men Wedding in Delhi is the floral prints over while silky satin fabric. Be it white, subtle pink, peach or cream - everything goes excellent when floral comes to unite the style for the groom. Floral prints with studded collars make a great impression in the style industry for guys.

  6. PistaPathani Checks

    While simple shades are always on the checklist of men, the fashion industry and designers combined the shallow colours with check designs and gave it a smelting fusion look with the Pathani style.

Last Words:

While brides have always been in the spotlight, grooms also can make a style statement this year by embracing modern trends styled by Mehdi Hasan Tailors. This designer store has an impressive collection of wedding Sherwani for Men Wedding in Delhi that will look on point for every specific occasion.

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