Everything You Need to Know About Vintage Sapphire Engagement Rings

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As jewellery becomes less about bragging rights and more about being personal, vintage sapphire engagement rings are coming out tops.

It appears that today's engagement ring buyers want "out with the new and in with the old!" Vintage has been reborn and is no longer seen as old fashioned and boring. Antique rings are now being recognised as timeless,Guest Posting classic and romantic – as they should be!

With the recent Royal wedding, vintage sapphire engagement rings have taken centre stage and don’t look to be leaving any time soon. Couples are using vintage rings as an expression of their love for one another, acknowledging that whilst modern rings can be very beautiful, nothing quite matches the romanticism of a ring created in past eras.


In many ways, you could view the recent interest in vintage sapphire engagement rings as returning to our roots. The stone was one of the first gemstones cut for jewellery, seen as ideal for personal adornment and the original "most popular" choice for wedding jewellery. (Diamonds didn’t become popular until much later.) The Victorians would usually accent the sapphire centre stone with small diamonds, creating a delicate floral effect. The Victorians loved the stone as, to them, it was the perfect symbol of fidelity and faithfulness. What could be more meaningful when making the ultimate commitment than a ring that, in its time, symbolised sincerity?

Vintage Colours

Blue is regarded as the traditional colour for sapphire engagement rings, as a true blue stone is so rare and beautiful. The blue sapphire has also been a symbol of royalty for years, with many of the royal engagement rings containing the sparkling gem. It is a classic, elegant look and certainly has the vintage feel. (White sapphires can be used as a realistic replacement for diamonds.) An oval shaped ring cut is advised, in order keep the antique look. Surprisingly, yellow is a good choice for vintage looking wedding jewellery, as it was popular during the Art Deco era and really suits an antique filigree detail. Lastly, you could choose a green sapphire if you like the thought of an emerald but it’s slightly out of your price range. It’s a very good replacement and the stone itself is actually more brilliant and sparkling than an emerald. This is often attractive to people who love the style of the Roaring Twenties.

Vintage Settings

Edwardian rings almost always sported an old mine cut, similar to the cushion cut stones of today. The late Victorian era saw the creation of the solitaire cut, which looks very good on sapphire engagement rings. You can also go for the baguette cut, which is quintessential of the Art Deco movement. All three of these cuts happen to be in a square shape, which, when paired with the right metal and colouring, look very vintage and bold. Circular shapes will also work if paired with the right accents.

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