Four Things to Remember When Recruiting People to Help You Create Your Own Wedding Flowers

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You will need to find people who will be willing to help you arrange your own wedding flowers.  These helpers can't be just anybody.

  Once you've made the decision that you would like to make your own wedding flowers,Guest Posting you'll need to find people who will be willing to help you.  These helpers can't be just anybody.  They need to be people who will be available for the entire day before your wedding.  Hopefully people will offer to help so you won't feel like you are imposing when they help you.

  • Depending on the size of your wedding, you should have at least 3 helpers.  Obviously the more flowers that need to be prepared, the more help you'll need.  If you have a larger wedding, have 4 or 5 helpers.
  • If you only have access to the ceremony or reception location for a very limited time, you will have to work hard and fast.  More people will have to help you in a shorter amount of time.  Hopefully you'll have at least 3 hours in each location.  If this is not possible, you have to make your own wedding flowers in a central location and then transport them to the ceremony or reception location within the allowed time frame.  Ideally though, you should have several hours access to both locations the day before your wedding.
  • If your flowers are extremely delicate, you'll want to make them up as late as possible (the afternoon of the day before your wedding).  If your flowers are more hardy and are arranged in floral foam, you can get your helpers to help you even 2 days before your wedding.  You'll need to store these arrangements in a cool place.  You should make the boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets the day before your wedding, so your helper might have to help you 2 different days, but it will make it less busy and hectic.
  • You need to sit down with your helpers and show them exactly what you would like them to do and teach them how to do it.  Take out all the guess work.  You want the flowers to be handled as little as possible to prevent bruising and wilting.

When you arrange your own wedding flowers you are definitely going to need some people to help you.  Follow the 4 pointers listed above to make the experience as smooth and productive as possible.

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