How Emerald Engagement Rings are Graded

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Every gemstone is graded and valued differently; the very best emerald engagement rings certainly have to fulfil certain expectations.

The colour of an emerald is the most important ‘C’ when it comes to evaluating the value and quality of these stunning green gems. In a nutshell,Guest Posting the more attractive the colour, the higher the price of the emerald – and of course, the most ideal emerald engagement rings will retain their attractive colour under all light conditions, regardless whether it is night or day, sunny or cloudy.

Typically, when it comes to emerald engagement rings, the bright, rich and intense colours are considerably more desirable than those that are too dark or too light. In particular, emeralds which have dulled by undertones of brown, black or gray tend to be much less expensive. However, when it comes to the combination of different colours, this can sometimes be very attractive – and expensive. The most desirable colour combinations include evergreen and turquoise and aqua and grass green, essentially the brightest and most beautiful hues.

Some couples wonder whether where an emerald comes from makes a difference to the price, and the answer is no. It doesn’t make any difference to the price if one emerald is from Brazil and the other is from Zambia, though, of course, some regions have proven to be more profitable when it comes to producing desirable coloured emeralds. For instance, it is simply because Colombian emeralds tend to yield the best colour that they are the most expensive.
When grading the cut of emerald engagement rings, this can sometimes be a little more difficult than it is with diamonds. For unlike diamonds, emeralds possess a number of variable optical properties and are not generally cut to a uniform ideal. Of course, ideally you should look for a cut that exhibits an even colour, offers good brilliance, makes the most of the carat weight and, of course, limits the visible inclusions. Not only that, but a well-cut emerald should display good symmetry, with the facets perfectly aligned in relation of the gem’s girdle and with one another. Highly graded emerald engagement rings will also take the polish condition into consideration. Make sure that there are no visible surface pits and polishing lines.

You should take these aspects into consideration when looking for the perfect emerald engagement ring. But ultimately, you should note that while specific hues and cuts may be the most sought-after, the final choice should come down to your own personal preferences and, of course, price. Don’t choose a certain stone just because its characteristics are considered to be popular.

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