Snoring is Ruining Your Marriage

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It's every married couple's dream to spend the rest of their lives together in marital bliss, where nothing can go wrong. And then real life happens. Synchronizing your sleep patterns may seem like an easy thing during the first few years of your marriage, but what do you do when one of you starts snoring, and the other just can't fall asleep? Sleeping in separate rooms is not something any married couple wants to consider.



While you're asleep,Guest Posting the muscles of your throat start to relax, and your tongue can start to fall backward into your throat, essentially blocking your airways. Inhaling and exhaling forces the walls of your throat to vibrate, as well as your tongue as the air tries to get past it. It’s these vibrations that lead to snoring. This problem can start to seem more and more troublesome as time passes, but that doesn't mean that there aren't solutions to the problem.


One such solution is purchasing a special pillow. These pillows are designed to reduce snoring due to their special shape and material used. The pillow positions the sleeper on his side so that the jaw can be better aligned and allow for maximum airflow into the lungs. By aligning the air passages correctly, snoring can be minimized and help you to improve on the quality of sleep. The only downside to a sleep pillow is that not everyone sleeps on their side.


A wristband could be the perfect way for you to stop snoring as it provides a gentle pulse to the body in order to get you to change position. The way it works is that it's built with a special microphone that detects your snores and delivers a pulse to the snorer's nerves. The brain then senses this stimulation and urges the body to change position in order to reduce snoring without fully waking the person.


Mouthpieces are definitely a beneficial alternative and come in two types: tongue stabilizing devices and mandibular advancement devices. A tongue stabilizing device works to hold the tongue in place so that it doesn't slide to the back of your throat. By creating suction between the tongue and your device, it fights against gravity in order to stop your tongue from being pulled into the back of your throat. Alternatively, a mandibular advancement device maintains the position of the jaw. Gravity tends to pull down on the lower jaw as well, which can affect its position and cause the airway to narrow. By keeping the jaw in a fixed position, the problem of snoring can be avoided.


There are many other snore aids that can be used to relieve the problem, such as throat sprays, nose clips, and chin straps, just to name a few. It's best to try a variety of different solutions to see which one works best for you or your spouse, so that you can both start getting a good night's sleep.


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