Top 10 Honeymoon Mistakes

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Honeymoon is one of the most cherished times of one’s life. As soon as bride and groom exchange wedding rings and get over with their wedding ceremonies, they start counting the moments when they will be alone on their honeymoon.

However,Guest Posting just as few absent-minded people forget to wear their wedding ring, some do make blunders on their honeymoon as well:

1.One of the worse ways to plan your honeymoon is to leave its preparation till the last moment. This will ensure that you end up running late for everything and even miss connecting flights or trains.

2.Wearing a wedding ring doesn’t make you a perfect husband or wife. It takes a complete lifetime to play that part, beginning of which is the honeymoon period. If you are partying hard on the night of your wedding then make sure not to plan an early travel the next day as you wouldn’t be able to look your best.

3.Not thinking of “off season destinations” while honeymooning will ensure that you have to deal with crowds wherever you go along with the pain of paying premium prices at spas, restaurants, hotels, shopping and luxury tours.

4.Wedding rings are worn to remind you about the promises you have made to each other. By not including your partner’s advice in selecting the destination is a common mistake that most of the people do.

5.Be aware of the local customs of your destinations or otherwise you will have to face a lot of difficulty later, especially if you have chosen a place whose residents speak a different language than yours.

6.Forgetting to renew or getting a new passport will ensure that your plans of the vacations are shattered if you are planning to go out of the country.

7.Being unaware that many hotel rooms, cabins and cruise ships have only single beds. It isn’t a nice experience squeezing in with your partner or sleeping on a different bed all together.

8.Leaving the packing for the last day is a sure-fire way of forgetting something really important.

9.Some people are habitual of packing too much when they go out for vacation which makes them look more like a porter.

10.By not keeping climate of the place you are visiting in mind can surely make the trip a nightmare for you and your partner. Imagine travelling with an umbrella or a raincoat to a place where it rains a lot.

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