10 Intuition Busters

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Everyone has intuition; it's hard-wired in us. Everybody wants more intution; it's a great lifeskill for problem-solving,Guest Posting generating solutions, and making good decisions. It can be developed, but you have to have a certain mindset to develop and strengthen it. These are things NOT to do if you want to become more intuitive.

1. Be in a hurry

2. Have no symbolic ability. Don’t participate in or enjoy any of the arts.

3. Be unconcerned about your integrity or purposes in wanting to use intuition.

4. Let your ego run away with you, having to be right, controlling and in charge.

5. Not learn how to differentiate between intuition, fear, and wishful thinking.

6. Hang out with people who don't believe in intuition, know about it, or use it. Intuition is contagious and so is lack of intuition.

7. Try and invoke your intuition with willpower or force it in any way.

8. Believing that logic, analysis and rational thinking are the only way or best way to solve problems, make decisions and generate solutions.

9. Not being able to still the executive function of your brain--the part that scans, is alert, worries and analyzes.

10. Not getting coaching or teaching so you get feedback on your skills as they develop, learn how to manage your ego, and keep yourself off overload as you learn.

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