5 Steps in Cleansing Your Home of Negative Energies

Mar 14


Annie Bathgate

Annie Bathgate

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At some time or another, you’ve felt those hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. You knew something wasn’t quite right with your home. Perhaps it was after a late night party or after relatives left, but somehow, things don’t feel right. There are 5 simple steps to help clear your home with the help of the Angels and make it a safe and serene place once again.


Your home can be your safe haven.  It can be a place of serenity and security.  For many of us living stressful lives,5 Steps in Cleansing Your Home of Negative Energies Articles however, it can become a place of tension and confusion.  One of the wonderful gifts the Angels have for us is to help us cleanse and clear our homes of negative energy.

Have you ever had a party in your home and afterwards, it just didn’t feel right?  Have you had a visitor come over for dinner, only to have your home feel strange after their visit?  These experiences are common.  People each have energy of their own.  That is obvious in your day to day life.  Who do you like to spend your time with?  Positive people or negative people?  Who do you like to work with in your daily career?  Which co-workers do you easily accomplish things with?  It’s usually the ones who are honest, have great senses of humor and good hearts.  But we aren’t all that way.  Sometimes people are negative and you can almost see the dark clouds over their heads. They can come into your home for parties and get-togethers and leave their bad thoughts and negative vibes there. Sometimes we are having an ‘off’ day and we contribute to negative thinking and energies.

How can we clear our homes and reclaim our lives?  Here’s a simple 5 step process with the Angels to help you bring the Light back into your home:

  1. Detoxify.  The Angels encourage you first and foremost to clean up your home!  Wash those dishes, throw away that garbage, dust those dust balls away.  This is a great time especially as spring approaches to really release the muck out of your home.  Ask the Angels for help in this and they’ll provide extra energy and a sense of lightheartedness so you can complete this job quickly, with a smile on your face.
  2. Donate.  The Angels encourage you to release those items around your home that you do not use or you really don’t like and you hold onto it for sentimental value.  It’s ok to release the vase you received as a wedding present 19 years ago.  It’s ok to let go of those old blouses you honestly don’t wear anymore.  Gather these items together; make it a family game as you donate gently used items to a charity.  Think how happy the new owner will be to receive that purse you only used twice, or that can opener you never used.  By blessing others, you are making room for more good to come your way.
  3. Clear. Now is the time to ask Archangel Michael to come forward. Ask him to use his powerful sword to clear out each and every room, every closet, every nook and cranny of any negativity or old energy that does not serve you and your family. Michael is the Protector of the Archangels, so he’ll protect you and with his powerful energy, he’ll clear away the old.
  4. Bless.  Now ask all your Angels to be with you as you bless your home.  Realize that your home is sacred ground and that you and your family deserve to live in a home that is peaceful and safe.  Bless each room in the house.  Bless each person in the house.  Bless the surrounding areas, neighbors, land and area.  Bless each area with whatever comfortable prayer feels right for you.  An example is:  Beloved Creator, bless our home and all who enter with peace and joy.  Fill our home with love and light.  May we be safe, nurtured and protected in this space and may we bless others with our love.  And so it is.
  5. Intention. Now is a great time to set your intention for your home.  Affirm that your home is clear and clean.  Affirm you have plentiful income for upkeep and updates.  If you would like to move, affirm that you bless this home for its’ new owners and that your new home is ready and waiting for you.  Intend that each person who walks in is automatically blessed with positive, loving energy.

 Enjoy your ‘new’ home in its empowered state.  Use this technique every 3 months or so as old energies need to be cleansed again.  Enjoy working with the Angels to create a loving and peaceful life for yourself.

©Annie Bathgate, ATP®, 2007

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