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Exponents of Upanishads have called the radiating light rays of the sun as nectarine nerves. Discussions have been made on the stream of nectar flowing from the nectarine nerves. With reference to this as far as modern materialism is concerned they have found that on all sides of the atom’s nucleus, electrons revolve.


Savita is the fount of a nectarine divine principle. When it is worshipped it imbues the aspirant with intense life force,A PRICELESS GIFT FROM RISHIS…..MADHUVIDYA (NECTARINE WISDOM) Articles vibrations of divine joy and help the soul realize its nectarine nature. In order that the aspirant’s mind does not stray away from it research scholars of spiritual wisdom have depicted its meaning, nature, function and form.

Madhuvidya is dealt with in the Chhaandogya Upanishad so as to explain this principle in a total manner. The scattered mysterious rays of this worship are gathered here so as to shine forth effulgently. In the first 12 verses of the 1st section of this Upanishad, Madhuvidya (nectarine wisdom) and Savita worship have been depicted gloriously. It says (Chhaandogya Upanishad 3/1/1): Om! This sun is verily the nectar of gods. Heaven is that tilted bamboo on which nectar hangs. Outer space is an umbrella and the rays are like children of honey bees.

In this Mantra where Seer-Rishis have given rare indications of perceived divine reality there one also finds scientific facts. The material form of the sun is atomic in nature. Since Modern Science is nothing but Material Science it analyzes only materials, elements etc. Generally all those who grow up and get educated in today’s modern environment think upon merely this as an apt scientific technique. These intellectual potentials determine their mode of thinking and hence they are accustomed to experience only that which lies in this periphery. Hence it is that time and again man wishes to hear, see and experience that which are dear to him and very familiar. Giving them minor changes and repeating that experience is thought by man as ‘new and original’. Generally laymen can neither understand nor endure those who think and act differently from the prevalent mode of thinking. This different mode of thinking is labeled by them as unreliable, unscientific, scattered etc. But later as time lapses by when this different thinking becomes a bit more familiar to them they accept it. And yet they react in the same previous manner when a more new and different thought is put forth.

It is very important to cogitate over all this simply because today’s scientific trend depicts facts related merely to matter and thus human believe merely this to be true and scientific in nature. And yet ancient Indian Rishi-scientists thought a bit differently. Not only did they master Material Science but they also unfolded mysteries pertaining to divinely conscious principles. This trend of thought was so compact and total that one single stream of it dealt with material, divine and spiritual aspect of this cosmos. For laymen this is that much more useful and beneficial in comparison to the modern trend of thought. At one go they are educated in the material, divine and spiritual aspect of this cosmos. A highly polished brilliant intellect is required for this trend of thinking and the divinely intellectual Rishis possessed it in ample measure.

In the above mentioned Mantra a discussion ensues regarding Savita (sun) element in the glorious Indian literature tradition. Sun is material in nature, its atom godly in nature and its spiritual form is conscious i.e. all pervasive Savita soul. It is said that whatever is there in the microcosm is present in the macrocosm. Similarly in the atom lies the entire cosmos.

The sun described in the Mantra can be correlated to an atom. Heaven which is like a slanting bamboo is akin to an atom’s electron and its movement is external. The atomic body is the umbrella of honey/nectar. The photon particles present in the inner region of an atom are akin to sunbeams represented the children of honeybees. The same description is applicable to our material sun because it is a wide, gigantic mass made of atoms. Photons contain electromagnetic energy and are found in the waves of sunbeams.

We all know that photons are particles of light. Mareechee is another name for solar rays. Sun is called Mareechee too. Over here the term Aaditya (sun) signifies its divine meaning viz. solar deity. From the standpoint of light radiation energy it is an active conscious energy. From the spiritual viewpoint the sun is omnipresent Savita soul consciousness. It is the nectar of gods. Savita is the source of invincibility and nectarine fount of conscious divine powers. The scriptures say that Sun God is Prasavita. It is here that demigods drink nectarine juice and attain power. This nectar pervades entire interstellar space too. Space principle is all pervasive, formless and rudimentary in nature. In it one finds nectar of divine consciousness which is none other than Sun God or Savita/Aaditya. From this demigods imbibe power called vital juice or nectar juice.

Exponents of Upanishads have termed the radiating light rays of the sun as nectarine nerves. Discussions have been carried out on the stream of nectar flowing from the nectarine nerves. With reference to this as far as modern materialism is concerned and regarding research of fundamental particles/unit of the universe they have found that on all sides of the atom’s nucleus electrons revolve. And yet its direction, along with its relative force has not been measured by scientists. The reason being, that the correct position and force of the electron is scientifically studied in laboratories using light rays. The photons themselves contain light rays which are one amongst the root particles of the cosmos and are said to be ageless and immortal.

These particles which move with the speed of light strike against electrons and bring about a change in their momentum, position and direction. The scientific apparatus and the medium through which a scientist measures the position and speed of electron are subtle in nature and it influences these subtle electron particles. Thus it is impossible to accurately study, examine and analyze electrons. On the other hand seers of nectarine wisdom (Madhuvidya) and learned teachers have succeeded in analyzing the speed and direction of conscious radiating energy. Hence one can gauge the advanced nature of their scientific potential.

The description of radiating energy that flows from the sun is given below:

The rays of the preliminary direction of the sun in the eastern direction crack of the umbrella in the form of outer space are the large black bees. Rig Veda is a flower, Soma nectar etc. They are immortal water. Large bees in the form of Rika pre heated the Rig Veda. From the pre heated Rig Veda ensue glory, light, senses, semen and Rasa (juice) which is the primary form of food. They all took shelter in the eastern part of the sun and established themselves there in red form.

………………….CHANDOGYA UPANISHAD (3/2/5.314)

Similarly in the same chapter 2nd section it is said:

The rays of the southern direction are Yajur Veda or black bee. Yajur Veda is a flower, Soma nectar, water etc.


In the 3rd section it is said that the western nectarine nerves are western oriented rays produced from the western crack. Saam Veda is the large bee and it is also the flower.


In the 5th section one finds the description of rays emanating from above: The large bee of the upper nerves are secret commands and Brahman or cosmic consciousness is its flower.


The advancement of subtle material nature and their ascertainments will depend upon the future research of modern material science. The gross material aspect is quite clear. The sun throws its rays in all directions. The deep import of upper moving rays lie obstructed for modern material science. In the 1st section there is an indication of red color of the sun. In the 2nd section white color, in the 3rd section black and in the 4th section extremely dark hue is depicted.

When the sun rises it is bright red in color. After sometime it turns white. Later where there is a shadow meaning where solar rays do not reach a certain part of earth there its light appears dark i.e. after late evening. Later in the night it is extremely dark black in color. At the root source of consciousness of the 5 radiating energies are the 5 active demigods. They are Vasu, Rudra, Aaditya, Maru and Sadhya. Its material energies are radioactive energy, diffused red radiating energy, visible radiating energy, X-rays and Gamma rays. These 5 radiating energies are the 5 vehicles of those 5 demigods. Demigods are the stream of active consciousness.

Nectarine Wisdom (Madhuvidya) described in the Upanishads has a very important aspect which is spiritual in nature. In that via the medium of the stream of Savita, 5 interstellar spatial cracks have been depicted. In this very Chandogya Upanishad in the 3rd section of the 3rd chapter a mention of this has been made. They are called 5 divine Rishis and 5 vital forces called Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana. It is clear that from the omnipresent conscious sun (Savita) flow, 5 vital force streams which are the 5 types of rays emanating from interstellar spatial cracks. From the 4 vital force streams flow Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Saama Veda and Atharva Veda. Over here Vedas do not mean merely books to read. Instead it means that wisdom based inspiration manifesting in the form of Para (ESP) and Pashyanti speech. This is because the large bee sips juice from these flowers. Richas are large bees or Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharva Shrutis. These Shrutis are vehicles of the fount of wisdom based consciousness. The large bee’s sanctity (Sattva) is symbolized by the flower’s honey. The Sattva of Shrutis is Para and Pashyanti speech. This then is the foundation of all the sciences and knowledge of the world. In this manner the fount of soul consciousness manifests as Itihaasa (history), Purana (mythology) etc. All these rays of knowledge manifest as Savita. All this has been detailed in these lines.

A description has been given of rays flowing in the upper direction which is but the vital flow. Its mouth is in the upper region. With reference to consciousness moving in the upper direction it is the gist of the Vedas that are important. It is none other than the state of self fulfillment or self satisfaction.

The Bhagwad Geeta (2/43) says: Great oceans are filled to the brim by water from rivers ponds etc. Realized souls are like these vast oceans and take only that much as is necessary from Vedas.

From the standpoint of Panchakoshi Worship (Vedanta says our body is made up of 5 sheaths) this principle can be understood thus that the production of juices like food etc means nourishment of the Food Sheath (Kosha). Sharpness and fitness of body thus manifest. The vital force augments and activation of the Vital Sheath induces a rise in fame and glory in ones life. The ‘boss’ of our 5 sense organs is the mind/psyche. Hence when it is nourished, the Mental Sheath experiences fulfillment. Nourishment of semen representing valor helps mature the Intellectual Sheath. Brilliant light that manifests gives us infinite bliss. This is the fulfillment of the Bliss Sheath. These Sidhis or attainments are the result of the contact with the 4 types of rays of the 4 faces of the sun. The upper flowing solar rays give an experience which is akin to the nectar of all the nectars of the world put together. In Yogic parlance it is called Nirbeeja Samadhi (seedless trance), Dharmamegha Samadhi, God Realization, liberation of self etc. The sipping of the centralized nectar of the sun takes place under the above circumstances. The highest gain and maturity of solar worship verily is this state. It is also called Vasishtha status.

When we say ‘sipping’ we mean experiencing the divine nectar of sun or Savita. It is also the cosmic vital force, its basis and very life of all Jivas/creatures. This solar deity that gives total satiation with the help of its nectarine juice is the idol and icon of all spiritual aspirants who revel in cosmic consciousness and Gayatri i.e. Parabrahma or God.

Karna of the famous epic Mahabharata once after completing solar worship saw some mendicants standing on the river shore. After giving them all they required Karna after prostrating asked the pious Brahmin standing in front of him: How can I serve you revered sir? The Brahmin replied: O pious Karna! I have heard a lot about your charitable nature. I too wish to ask for something but can you fulfill my need? Karna smilingly said: Mi icon Bhaskara (Sun God) gives light of life, inspiration and divine energy to the entire universe. It is his vow to always keep giving. The secret of worship is to become a demigod by worshipping demigods with devotion. Hence say, why should I relinquish my charitable disposition which is boon of my revered icon? O Brahmin, fearlessly ask and I shall give anything I possess.

The Brahmin said: You have attained the boon of invincibility since your icon has given you armor and earrings as gift. I wish that you give these gifts to me. Karna laughed aloud saying: O King of gods, Indra! I adore my icon’s wealth of virtue more than fame, status, kingdom and glory. Karna thus had easily recognized the Brahmin to be none other than Indra. Indra while accepting the gifts of armor and earrings was indeed embarrassed. In a voice trembling with emotions Indra kept saying respectfully: Karna! Blessed are you and blessed is your unswerving faith in solar worship.