What is a Higher Power?

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There are many descriptions for what people call the “higher power”. This article explains the existence of the higher or greater power in metaphysical terms.

The meaning of “higher power” is unclear.  It has a different meaning to each of us.  Some people attribute the existence of a personal higher power to their guardian angel,Guest Posting guides, ascended masters (such as Jesus, Buddha, and Moses), and even various gods.  Some like to call it their subconscious.  I treat the possibility of a higher power as a mystical and metaphysical matter.  Sometimes I like to refer to the higher power as a “greater power”.  This phrase communicates the immenseness of this mysterious god-like being.  Perhaps this being could be seen as both a higher and greater power.

A greater power is an etheric being or entity which looks out for the well-being of an individual.  Each of us has a higher or greater power watching over us.  As I stated previously, there are many descriptions for this entity we the greater power.  In my own exploration into mysticism and metaphysics I discovered what I believe to be the true nature of the entity we call the greater power or higher power.  First, the greater power is an intelligent entity.  It is a vibrational energy like all entities that reside in the infinite multiverse.  Through divine illumination, I came to understand that the greater power is a collective being composed of each human’s past lives.  This makes the greater power a personal companion of sorts.  Each of our past lives belongs to us, and we belong to them.  We are united in power.

In each life, a person accumulates a large number of valuable experiences.  These experiences are added to the greater power, increasing its knowledge and expanding its size.  The greater power is pure consciousness, just as the entity called God is.  When a spirit has completed its mission(s) in life and made its transition, the spirit will split itself by sending out a completely new version of itself to experience life once again (this is reincarnation).   Thus, through the process of splitting we see that all humans are members of their respective greater power.

The greater power is our ally.  The greater power is interested in our success.  It is invested in us.  Our supernatural benefactor guides us in triumphing over adversity.  Overcoming our tests and challenges, leads to spiritual growth.  This growth feeds the greater power.  As a result, the greater power expands its awareness.  There is no known word to describe or define this expansion.

Your greater power may be called upon at any time for consultation.  Just by sending out concentrated thoughts to your greater power in the form of a question, you are sure to receive a response.  This reply comes in many ways.  It may be received in through intuition, dreams, visions, imagination, the behavior of others, signs in your immediate environment, etcetera.  Your greater power will always come through.  It is up to you to be open and receptive to its mental transmissions.  The greater power is an indispensable resource.  I encourage you to use it to your advantage.  It is a phenomenal power to have on your side.

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