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... ... drives you to do ... Call it a hunch, a feeling or just plain gut ... Maybe ... from the Divine leading you ... I don't really ... article is going

Sometimes something drives you to do something. Call it a hunch,Guest Posting a feeling or just plain gut instinct. Maybe messengers from the Divine leading you somewhere. I don't really know.

This article is going to bounce a bit from here to there. As I continue with my research, I will be adding to it. Please bear with me...

My Grandmother, Marion Thompson Morin was a Broadway star who made her debut in "Fifty Million Frenchmen" while still a teenager. She then went on to perform in the "George White Scandals" and befriended the late Alice Faye.

I ended up with the entertainment "bug" and have been performing since the age of sixteen -- although nothing in comparison to what she did. It's in the blood I assume. But, like her, I need to be involved with the performing arts to feel whole.

On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindberg landed "The Spirit of St. Louis" safely at Le Bourget Field outside Paris , "having traversed over 3,600 miles in roughly 33.5 hours."

Okay, he landed in Paris. Turns out that my great grandfather's name is carved on the Eiffel Tower in Paris as one of the workers who erected it.

Now, you're probably wondering where I am going here, and so do I.

Charles Lindberg's landing date, May 21st, is also my birth date.

My grandmother, Marion Thompson Morin, received a letter which is in my mother's possession, from Charles Lindberg. I have no idea what it says.

I did some research and discovered that he was in New York around the same time my grandmother was performing. I'm thinking he met her at one of her shows. I got this information from the G-Files, showing a letter dated in 1939 written to President Hoover while he was in New York City.

I met and eventually got engaged to a man named Charles who is a pilot and like Charles Lindberg, ran mail as one of his first flying jobs.

"As a daredevil, Charles (Lindberg) not only walked on the wings of flying aircraft and performed parachute stunts, but he did mechanical work on the planes as well."

My fiance, Charles, operated a parachute jump center and was the Jump Master. He also flew stunt scenes years ago in several movies. He is also a licensed aircraft mechanic.

Okay, so you're probably reading this saying, "She's crazy. What's she writing about?"

I don't know. Like I said, call it a hunch but I don't know what about. An overactive imagination? All I know is that I feel something and I'm not sure what and I've learned to trust those feelings, whatever they may be. Reasons unknown.

Thanks for reading. I know this article is a bit confusing, but aren't the parallels in life amazing?
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