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Today the attention of modern scientists  is focusing on this spiritual power (Para Shakti) hidden in the deep recesses of the human inner personality. They are making plans to get knowledge regarding secret activities of the enemy camp, designing ‘Mind Wars or Games’ etc using this spiritual energy. According to them there is a possibility of man carrying out spying activities using focused energy manifesting from Mantra Japa or chanting.

The astounding potency of Mantra Energy is well renowned. A description of the application of so many divine weapons like Agneyastra,Guest Posting Pashupatastra, Vayavastra, Varunastra, Brahmastra etc that were used in the Mahabharat War and Ramayan Era have been described in our scriptures. All these functioned, using Mantra Energy and energy that emerged from a power mental resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) from the psychic center. In comparison to modern day nuclear weapons and laser weapons these divine weapons pierced their target with 100% precision. This feat showcased using Mantra Energy is but the miracle of man’s Prana Energy and spiritual power (Para Shakti).

Today the attention of modern scientists also is focusing on this spiritual power (Para Shakti) hidden in the deep recesses of the human inner personality. They are making plans to get knowledge regarding secret activities of the enemy camp, designing ‘Mind Wars or Games’ etc using this spiritual power. According to them there is a possibility of man carrying out spying activities using focused energy manifesting from Mantra Japa or chanting. He can destroy war submarines hiding in the deep ocean bed, missiles etc using his terrific Prana Energy or life force. It is also possible that this focused energy will be used for schemes to attack the enemy camp. By advancing weapons to the stature of Agneyastra, via terrific Prana Energy someone can be burnt alive or that create a destructive inferno.

Tantra Sciences brim with such techniques. In it there is a detailed description of techniques like Maran, Mohan, Ucchatan, Vashikaran, Stambhan etc and instructions of its proper application also have been given. The reason being that if a foolish person uses a rifle once the bullet gets released the rifle’s backward jerk can tear apart the rifle user’s chest. In Tantrik applications the effects of those special Mantras used can be very repulsive. Energy emerging from it is used to terrorize others and inflict untold harm on them. No doubt experts who can awaken this energy can use it to execute great beneficial tasks for society’s well being.

But the above does not hold true for Mantra Science. Energies emitted by Mantra Science are used only for great glorious tasks of welfare and well being. The result of Mantra chanting done with special rhythm, sound and musical tune is always joy bestowing and giver of wholesome beneficial powers. A positive effect definitely emerges when Mantra Japa or chanting is done in a well defined sequence, rhythm and periphery along with mentally focusing on the meaning of the Mantra. In spiritual sciences there is a mention that each Mantra has its special meaning, goal and utility value. Not only the emission of energy dwelling in it is heavily dependent on a Mantra’s methodical chanting but that even the devotee’s sacred sensitive sentiments, faith and rhythmic Mantra chanting plays a chief role. It is the confluence of all these that very effective energy manifests and varied types of results can be noted. On this basis every word uttered by the mouth becomes Mantra personified and very powerful. Mantra Seer Gurus opine that sound emerging from sequential rhythmic Mantra chanting gets positively transformed completely. Due to this positively transformed a sort of wide net of powerful vibrations spreads in all directions. The more this net of powerful vibrations is dense the more miraculous results are experienced. Due to sound waves emerging from Mantra Japa chanting in our mind, brain and vital force a new potent energy starts flowing and this step by step becomes a huge vault of divine energy.

Scientists researching in the field of Mantra Science opine that Mantras possess infrasonic and ultra sonic sounds with less frequency. They accept that infrasonic sound waves are serene and sacred in nature. They further elaborate that in Mantras dwell a humungous vault of terrific energy known to bestow a new rejuvenated life. Ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency are said to be very destructive in nature. In Tantra Science such ultrasonic sound waves of high frequency are generally made use of. With its aid creatures and materials can be destroyed to pulp in the same way as powerful weapons like atomic bombs are known to do so. It is well known that via the medium of ultrasound metal sheets can be cut, melted and huge buildings can be razed down in a flash of a moment. The well known scientist of Russian origin B Kudrayabatsev has proved that ultrasound is the substratum of Mantra Power. It has been reported that sound waves emerging from congregational Mantra chanting bangs into the gigantic geomagnetic flow that surrounds planet earth’s Ionosphere and by getting positively transformed spreads out in the entire environment and atmosphere of earth. It influences not only the devotee who chants Mantras but that all animate-inanimate (conscious-inert) beings also get beneficially influenced by it.

Ancient eras’ glorious Rishis were well conversant with this terrific capacity of sound. They discovered such words or group of words whose effect and influence is of extraordinary stature. These were termed ‘Mantras’. Seers of these Mantras on the basis of their long term profound research and experience had beforehand determined that by chanting which Mantra, in what manner which type of energy shall emerge. They also found answers to what type of effect of this Mantra Energy shall be noted which part of the body and psyche or subtle Yogic Chakras, glands etc. In comparison to the meaning of Mantras the weaving of words in Mantras and sound embedded in them are of manifold more importance.

The renowned psychiatrist of Virginia-USA and director of ‘Association for research and enlightenment’ Dr Herbert B Periyar opines that sacred Mantras possess mind boggling potential to churn the very deep recesses of the human psyche. He calls them a potent medium of awakening and advancing latent divine powers dwelling deep within the psyche. Lest proper usage of Mantra Energy can be done then the devotee can develop a firm bond with Divine Existence or Almighty God along with God’s helper energies. The authenticity of Mantras resides in the manifestation of energies dwelling latently in them and this is heavily dependent on the devotee’s purity, steadfast faith and greatness of goal chosen.

Mantra Japa chanting in actuality is a special prayer that on reaching its pinnacle of fulfillment becomes capable of magnetically attracting within Almighty God akin to a very potent magnet. This is a supreme means of transforming positively energy in a high stature manner. Along with Mantra Japa chanting Mantra’s meaning and meditation on divine sentiments and sacred inspirations dwelling in them showcase miraculous pious results. Amongst all Mantras Super Mantra Gayatri has been given the top spot. In it words have been woven in such a manner that it awakens and excites all Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, nerve networks etc in the body. Thus latent potentials start awakening and reach a high stature advanced state. Brahmavarchas (divine aura) is attained via Super Mantra Gayatri Japa chanting only. Lest by conjoining sacred sensitive sentiments we use Mantra Energy for sacred welfare tasks those benefits accrue eulogized greatly by Samaveda hymns, other Vedas and Upanishads.

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