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There are several types of "Revenge" dreams. The most common one is that the dreamer is taking revenge on someone. Nine times out of ten, the dreamer is acting out some form of revenge that they would really like to exact. However, the dreaming mind will carry it out in a very exaggerated, often off-the-wall way. If you dream of turning a co-worker into a drooling one-eyed troll, you probably don't really want to do so. Perhaps you just have lingering feelings over a promotion she got - you know the one that should have been yours!

Perhaps,Guest Posting during the waking hours it would be a good idea to address these feelings. A revenge dream can make you think, "I guess this bothered me more than I thought it did." Then you can look it right in the eye and decide what, if anything, you want to do about it.

For example, back to the co-worker sitting in your new office with your title on her door. If you feel, down to the core of your being, that an injustice has been done, you should consider saying something. A dream of this nature is often a wonderful spur to cause you to make a move you wouldn't have made without the dream.

Another type of revenge dream, one we don't enjoy nearly as much (!!), is the one in which we are the one who the revenge is being exacted upon.

Most dreamologists believe that this one stems primarily from guilt. HOWEVER, this guilt can be either justified, implied, or merely suggested by another person. Only you can really determine which it is.

Back to the office! Okay, after your dream of turning Miss Promotion into a troll of the drooling variety, you decided to say something to your boss. He looked into the matter and discovered that she had been credited with something YOU had done. He decides to right the wrong. (Guess who'll be starring as a troll in someone elses dream now.)

You feel guilty about all of this, although an argument can be made whether you should or not. This guilt will manifest itself in a dream where you are on the receiving end of a stick, even if the lady at the office is holding it on the other end or not.

The guilt doesn't have to make sense, and it doesn't even have to be legitimate. It could be that you've said something that offended someone and you know that they were overly sensitive, and that you did nothing wrong. However, they think you have and fully believe you should feel guilty. Oddly enough, their feelings could show up in your dream.

Don't let revenge dreams alarm you, you aren't evil or twisted. If you were, you wouldn't be looking into it, would you - you'd be rubbing your hands together maniacally plotting someone's ruin.

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