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World revered Physicists accept the fact that activities of the solar system influences both the Earth’s atmosphere and life therein. Scholars like Prof. Stephen Dediger and a nuclear physicist of Yugoslavia opine that in order to succeed in space research scientists will have to take help of ancient astrological sciences. There occur so many natural incidences today which have a mysterious nature.

Whenever any part of our body gets hurt the entire body throbs with pain. The mind and intellect too gets tensed and agitated. All our attention is now focused on this painful sensation. If the mind is not poised and balanced,Guest Posting the body experiences ill health and diseases. Every part of the body and mind mutually influence each other. This is concrete proof of the fact that the body and its consciousness are one with each other. In the same way that which is both visible and invisible, natural elements and solar system too are bound to each other by a deep bond of subtle sentiments. If an incident occurs in one region of the cosmos its reaction is definitely seen else where too.

In ancient times in the land of India there was a science in vogue which propounded and explained the above fact. It was nothing but Astrology. Its aim was to scientifically investigate the relationship between the members of the solar system and study the influence of one member on other members. As a result it was fairly facile to attain benefits from planet Earth and other stars, planets etc. This science gave us such priceless information which is not possible to attain even in this advanced modern scientific era. But alas as time lapsed by this ancient science degenerated and were replaced by ignorant beliefs and deluded concepts. With the result modern day intellectuals and scholars ignore this science totally.

Despite all this ever since science has leaped to maturity it got attracted to interstellar space research. Intermittently they have tried to understand the movements and functions of planets, stars, solar systems etc. Studies have been undergone as far as their inter relationships and mutual influence on one another is concerned. Quite possibly in a varied manner Modern Material Science today is drawing those same conclusions and inferences which were unearthed centuries ago by great Rishis and spiritualists of yore who were masters of the Science of Astrology too.

The scholars of astrology had reinstated the members of the solar system in the form of Divine Powers. Nine planets were looked upon as 9 Divine Energies. Since time immemorial astrological sciences have looked upon the chief of the solar system i.e. the sun as not just a mass of blazing fire but a permanent storehouse of life, vital force and awakened fire. Every moment it influences all members of the solar system with its movements and activities. Along with the sun, Jupiter, Mercury etc too influence the Earth’s atmosphere.

World revered Physicists too accept the fact that activities of the solar system influences both the Earth’s atmosphere and life present on it. Scholars like Prof. Stephen Dediger and a nuclear physicist of Yugoslavia opine that in order to succeed in the endeavor of space research scientists will have to take help of ancient astrological sciences. There occur so many natural incidences today which have a mysterious nature. Today’s advanced scientific research has failed to throw adequate light on such mysteries. Despite its otherwise spectacular success in the fields of interstellar space and sub nuclear studies modern science accepts its inability to explain events with reference to the universe because of certain limitations. Bang opposite to this, astrological sciences which deal with the subtle activities of the sun regarding the spiritual universe is fully capable of unfolding the mysteries of interstellar space by using the knowledge of the sun’s influence over it.

According to the principles laid down by material sciences every atom of an object in the cosmos is active in relation to each other. They are even known to change their positions. With the result the environment in which they move keeps changing. Now because it is bound to a continuous cosmic chain, the group of atoms manifests a special influence. In turn this influences other planets, Earth, movable/immovable objects and astronomic masses. Despite being aware of this fact modern science has failed to give us a clear understanding of the movement, position and influence of planets and stars. While making the above mentioned observation the great nuclear scientist Prof. Stephen Dediger says that it is important to reactivate the hidden mysterious knowledge of astrology in order to understand facts pertaining to interstellar space in a compact manner.

The famous Austrian scientist Ernst Mike opines that infinite atoms of the universe are bound to each other via a strong deep bond. Solar flames which are connected to the closeness of planets and lunar movements are known to create various types of interceptions on earth. Planets influence not only earth but the life force oriented magnetic fields. Magnetic storms which are the result of imbalance experienced by various planets are known to manifest natural calamities and illnesses pertaining to the nervous system/psyche of all terrestrial beings. As a result of changes taking place in the earth’s gravitational force human behavior and inner nature too get affected.

A Russian scientist named Chinevski has reached some important conclusions after a long time span of research in this field. He opines that there is a deep bond between the movements of the solar system and the earth’s environment along with their activities/movements. After every 11 years time span a nuclear eruption takes place on the sun. During this span war and revolutions are induced on planet earth. Further natural calamities and epidemics too attack earth on a war footing.

A scientist named Geogar G. Giandi opened a new branch of science called Cosmo-Biology which takes inspiration from Astrological Sciences. According to him the entire cosmos is one single body and since no separate part exists in essence it is one without a second. Thus he believes that even if a particular planet exists miles and miles away from our globe yet it will somehow influence our earth.

Our planet earth is a member of the solar system and moon is its satellite. According to Professor Brown, from a scientific standpoint, earth and moon have been created from the sun. In fact he opines that even Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn influence earth via various movements taking place on them. He calls this inter planetary influence as ‘Equi-perception’.

During the 3rd International Equinox Wind and Science Seminar 2 scientists named Professor K. Ramanathan and Dr. S. Ananta Krishnan of the Ahmedabad Physical Research Centre (Gujarat, India) said that the earth is an inseparable part of the solar system. Vibrations of spatial masses influence planet earth on a big scale. While conducting further research they found that when a stream of Scorpio 11 passes by that are part of X rays in the D region of the atmosphere movements of plants and other creatures increase which ultimately proves to be a malefic influence.

There was a time when the world renowned scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai (former chairperson of the Atomic Energy Commission) opined while talking at a seminar of scientists of various countries that there is a visible influence of other spatial masses on earth apart from the sun itself. If one unearths more precepts of Astrological Sciences so as to correlate them to information pertaining to interstellar space one will definitely come across more valuable data/information.

A Russian scientist Vladimir Desyatoy has conducted in depth studies in this field. He says that time and again magnetic storms attack earth which result in nervous and psychological disorders in its denizens. The change in frequency or speed of magnetic fields on earth is but the result of energy flow from spatial masses. Vladimir found from his preliminary research that when a special type of fire like agitation (flare) gets unleashed on the sun an intense magnetic storm manifests on earth. No doubt it influences everyone in a general manner but a greater influence is seen on those who are psychologically weak. This is witnessed also in the form of suicides, murders, mental imbalance and road accidents.

Based on the above data scientists opine that the root source of brain’s capacity to function and alpha allergy is conjoined to the gravitational region of earth. In turn the earth’s gravitational pull is related to spatial masses. Hence human life is remarkably connected to interstellar space activities and energy based forces. With the result every movement that manifests in interstellar space influences human nature, mind/psyche, intellect and consciousness.

As per the conclusions drawn by the scholar of astronomy Pascal, not only do powerful attractions manifested by the sun and moon create high tide/low tide i.e. ebb/flow in the sea but that they also influence living beings. Pascal maintains that all living beings dwell in a gigantic ocean of a vibrating omnipresent energy. Thus how can they remain exempt from the influence of energy waves that flow from various planets? In the arena of Material Sciences the fact that there is a close relationship between life on earth and earth, planets and stars of interstellar space shall be proved. A subtle give and take exists between them though not perceived by the gross human sense organs.

The footsteps of Modern sciences which are marching towards peaks of advancement are definitely also reaching those conclusions which were unraveled centuries ago by great Indian seers, astrologers and sages of yore. They proclaim that the entire cosmos is one single body/ocean of consciousness. The sun verily is its soul. Every vibration that emanates from it influences each component wherein are included earth, its atmosphere, plants, creatures etc. In ancient times Astrological Science was involved in researching, unearthing proof and looking for interplanetary elements. These findings have proved beneficial time and again for entire world humanity.

Many world scholars are attracted to this arena and hence commenced an interplanetary research program. These indeed are very benign signs. And yet devoid of Astrological Science, Modern Science is incapable of unearthing all vital data pertaining to outer space. Ancient Indian scientist-seers can definitely become beacon lights in this research field. Books authored by Arya Bhatta called ‘Jyotish Sidhant Kaalkriyapada’ and ‘Golpada Surya Sidhanta’ along with Naradeva’s research/development on its lines and Bhaskar Swami’s ‘Mahaabhaaskariya’ etc are rare, priceless and full of deep import. In his book Pancha Sidhantika, Varaah Mihir has depicted 5 principles of Astrology viz. paulish, romaka, vasishtha, saur and pitaamaha which throw detailed light on this topic.

“O Nourisher of the world! One who travels alone! Controller of the world! Son of Prajaapati! Sun-God! Do take back your light rays in your fold because I am visualizing your most auspicious form. The person in the solar aura is none other than my self”.


The science deeply explored by great seers and Brahmarishis is certainly not limited to the understanding of materialistic movements of the sun and cosmos at large. Even if its materialistic aspect is very wide-spread, powerful and magnetic yet its total structure is incomplete without consciousness. This true stream of conscious energy is called Divine science. On realizing its deep import, not only do we our selves become divinely powerful but that the present and future of the world too follows suit.

Astrological Science has both a gross material aspect and a divinely scientific one. And yet its deep import lies in solar worship. Special worship which bestows a widespread vision helps further unfold its mysteries. By going deep into its worship method we can understand mysterious powers/energies of the cosmos and thus avail benefits from energy streams of the solar system.

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