Past Lives - Has the Past Stayed in the Past?

Aug 24


Kate Strong

Kate Strong

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Your past lives might be affecting you.


Reincarnation occurs when a person's body dies but their spirit returns to Earth in another body. Unlike the physical body the soul is eternal and as such experiences lessons here on the physical plane. A common misconception is that when we are born that this is the start of something new. Well this is not the case because memories of our experiences still linger in our sub-conscious.

For a selection of different reasons that we are unable to understand our previous existences can be affecting us at a Soul level. Knowing this can help to explain why we sometimes feel the way we feel.

As a result of our past life experiences sometimes being locked in our sub-conscious,Past Lives - Has the Past Stayed in the Past?  Articles we need a key to be able to access them somehow. There are several different methods for doing this, including visiting a past life regressionist or a specialized hypnotherapist.

The reasons for people accessing data about their past lives is because accessing this very information can help them understand their current situation and further help them to improve it. From a healing point of view, regressionists maintain that if a problem from a past life is filtering into your current life and causing problems, then by simply accessing that problem will almost certainly eradicate the problem you are having now.

By no means is accessing your past lives a form of escapism from the difficulties of your current existence. Your primary reason for access has to be to clear up any problems from past lives to ensure you are released from any burdens in your current life; thus allowing you to move on.

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