The controller of the 'Sat' (existence) principle

Jan 31


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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Our brain has been designed with such precision that none dare say that he/she can design a better one. We can definitely infer that a master intellect is at work when we see the retina in our eyes, ear drums in our ear, kidneys that remove dirt from our body, heart that purifies our blood and legs that help us move from one place to another.


One gets proof of the world’s management executed by the cosmic controller from life’s manifestation. This world is managed in such a way that all our daily life’s requirements are easily available so as to fulfill them. Without oxygen living beings cannot survive even for a few seconds and hence there is an abundance of air available in this world. After that water is most required by all and this too with a little effort can be obtained by one and all. The third requirement is food and hence for animals,The controller of the 'Sat' (existence) principle Articles birds etc there are fruits, leaves etc. Man being intelligent works hard to earn money and cooks food from raw materials available. Apart from this other requirements are fulfilled by hard work. Thus without a cosmic director (God) how can these arrangements of food, air etc be made on such a gigantic scale? 

It is because of certain cosmic principles accepted by everyone that not only living beings co-exist but that the creator too has to follow the laws designed by him. Lest a fetus be left out in the open for growth it would be killed in a moment and hence a fetus lives for 9 months in its mother’s womb which provides the unborn one all required materials and an apt environment for growth. Hence does this not prove that an invisible cosmic intelligence is at work? A fetus in a womb is akin to a prisoner in jail since it has no direct contact with the external world. And yet all requirements like food, air, water etc are supplied to it in this ‘jail’ i.e. the womb. Moreover as soon as the child is born arrangements for its food have been made ready in the form of its mother’s breast-milk. There is an ocean of compassion at work which gives an environment of love and affection to the new born babe who is weak and helpless. In this manner a living being starts maturing into an adult. Yet it is amazing that this adult who has become mature and independent simply because of help from friends, family, society etc not only does not gratefully give back to the world its due but questions the very existence of Almighty God who is ultimately the beloved father of all beings?

Despite all this our compassionate father (Almighty God) enters into the youth of the child so as to fulfill its desire of siring children. God like a divine match maker unites males in females by getting them married (Are not marriages made in heaven?) and thus they fulfill each other emotionally. Further out of sheer compassion the Lord has given all creatures an inherent strength to combat diseases (immunity in our blood). He has given our eyes to see objects, ears to hear sound and a brilliant intellect that can make apt decisions. Our brain has been designed with such precision that none can dare say that he/she can design a better one. We can definitely infer that a master intellect is at work when we see the retina in our eyes, ear drums in our ear, kidneys that evict dirt from our body, heart that purifies our blood and legs that help us move from one place to another. No doctor or engineer of today’s advanced world can say that he/she can out perform God’s divine brain. God is a master of all type of skills like art, engineering, medical etc. Thus when we arrogantly challenge and say, where is God? We are not only being ungrateful but that we are opening the gates of our material and spiritual downfall.

Even the above examples do not fully give proof of God’s omniscient and omnipotent nature. We should not forget that God has ‘put’ heat into fire and atoms in matter. Like rays in the sun God himself is seated in our hearts and eggs us on to progress both materially and spiritually. When man is about to err or sin God gives a warning signal in his conscience. But man arrogantly ignores this warning which later plagues his life with diseases, poverty, spiritual bankruptcy etc. Despite this man’s desires never get satiated and hence he is born again and again as a human being, animal, bird etc for eons put together so as to reach the shores of fulfillment. Over here it is important to note that whether man re-incarnates as an animal, bacteria etc God is always by its creatures side albeit subtly in order to shower his divine compassion. At every stage God inspires us to give up vile and unwholesome qualities and instead aim for soul purification so as to attain salvation or Mukti. This salvation is nothing but attainment of eternal, infinite bliss of the soul. Despite this man turns a blind eye to the presence of divinity in his soul and thus remains discontented and unfulfilled. Man’s precious life is wasted due to his blind rush for fleeting material pleasures under the influence of Maya or spiritual ignorance.

But not every scientist challenges the existence of a divine controller of this material world. According to Herbert Spencer God is a cosmic super power which controls all world activities and movements. God is a controller of this world just like the head of a family, chief of a village, district collector, Governor of a state etc. All of us follow the laws of our country because we fear punishment if we fail to do so. We also are fearful of not executing ethics in our daily transactions despite the fact that we are given full authority to execute them or not execute them. This is proof of the fact that a subtle supreme power is controlling this material world and directing its movements very wisely. The fact that only an ethical individual with sound human/spiritual values can be totally fearless proves that God loves his creatures and is an impartial judge too.

The great philosopher Kant while throwing more light on Spencer’s observations says: Our acceptance of ethical values and laws are a direct proof of God’s existence and that God is nothing but an omnipotent form of ethics, values and sacred ideals. Even the most wicked person in the world is ethical in some minute area of his life viz. love for his child etc. They have affection for their near and dear ones and carry out their duty perfectly despite the fact that they execute criminal acts to earn their bread. The fact that our conscience always inspires us to live ethically shows that the world and its denizens exist only for the sake of these great values. The world is created, propagated and nourished with the food of spiritual values. Hence it is apt to say that God’s essential nature and form is ethics, values and sacred ideals.

Hebrew scripture says God is ‘Jenovah’ which means he who eternally gives us truth based values. Philosopher Plato calls it ‘thoughts of goodness’. Every creature of this world including bacteria, germs etc desire goodness. Goodness of heart gives you true bliss and fulfillment on an eternal basis. A pure heart gives us beauty of the body and self control. It spreads honesty, fairness, humility and integrity in all corners of the world. A focused and sacred psyche spreads the feeling of world unity and brotherhood so as to achieve the sacred goal of “A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD”. Such a grand world can never lack in the 3 basic necessities of life viz. food, clothing and shelter. Thus God is that imperishable seed of goodness which is divinely glorious and dear to our eyes.

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