The Cosmic Ordering Service Can Give You All Your Desires

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That is a pretty bold statement isn’t it?  All of your desires fulfilled, any wish granted and every dream come true, I bet you want to hear more don’t you?  The cosmic ordering service is actually a very simple idea, yet for most is very hard to accomplish.

Basically,Guest Posting the cosmic ordering service is sending your requests out into the universe, knowing that they will come to pass.  Then the universe answers by granting your request.  Many prosperous, famous, and/or successful people are actively using the cosmic ordering service in their daily lives.  Most successful people didn’t start out in the powerful and rewarding positions they now hold.  These people decided what they wanted in live and believed it would happen.
This all sounds very simple but for most of us it isn’t quite that easy.  In order for this to work the way it is meant to, you can’t allow self-doubt to creep in.  If you don’t truly believe that the thing you desire will come to pass then it more than likely won’t.  The universe gives you what you are ordering.  If you are saying I am struggling now but want to be free from what binds me, you will continue to struggle.  If you say I don’t make enough money, I want more money, you will stay poor.  If you feel your marriage is doomed but ask for it to change, for your marriage to be a happy one, you will probably end up divorced. 

You may be wondering why this is.  If you are asking for change, why won’t the universe grant it to you?  According to the cosmic ordering service, all you have to do is ask, right?  That is true but it all depends on how you ask, and what you honestly believe will happen.
In order to work the cosmic ordering system the way it is meant to be worked, you must keep your requests positive.  Instead of saying I am struggling now but want to be free from what binds me, simply change it to I will be free from what binds me, my struggles are over.  Be clear about what you want, and leave the negativity out.  Don’t say “I don’t make enough money, I want more money.”  Try saying “I am going to be wealthy, and debt free,” or even “I am going to be rich and want for nothing.”  If you aren’t bold and sure of your request, your request will remain unanswered.  If you want a healthy, happy marriage, ask for one. 
At first it may take some time for you to see the changes, but do not give up.  Stay faithful in knowing that the cosmic ordering system will work for you.  The more you use it the faster you will see results.  You will become more trusting in the system once you begin to see results, which will lead to the universe responding to your wants and needs at a faster rate.
Another good way to use the cosmic ordering system is to create a board with your desires clearly shown on it.  If you want a new career, put it on the board.  You can write it out, draw it, or paste a picture.  If you want a new car, find a picture of it and put it on the board.  Whatever you desire should be on your board.  Make sure to put it somewhere you can see it every day.  This will remind you of your goals and hopes and give you the drive and desire to attain those goals and desires.
You can also try creating a mantra.  If you want more money, simply repeat your desire throughout the day.  “I am wealthy and secure, I am wealthy and secure, I am wealthy and secure.”  You will be surprised at how quickly you will find yourself both wealthy and secure.
Above all you must believe in yourself and know that you deserve your desires for the universe to respond.  If you feel unworthy of your desires, the universe will not provide.  If you think that mistakes in your past are causing your hardships now your station in life will not change.  You must get over your past in order to change your future.

Changing the way we have always thought and told to believe is certainly not easy, but if you put your mind to it, it can be done. You will certainly need whatever tools you can find for this task.

There are three powerful tools you can use, binaural sound frequencies, self-hypnosis and subliminal suggestion. The first of these changes the pattern of brainwaves to allow you to quickly get into a meditative state. The other two bypass interference from the logical processes of our brain and communicate with the area where our beliefs are embedded; the subconscious mind.
Believe in yourself.  Know that you are good and deserving.  You are just as important as anyone else in this world and you are entitled to all that the universe has to offer.  All you have to do is ask.

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