The cosmic activities of Divine consciousness (God)

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The divine desire of ‘one becoming many’ created an explosion in the subtle world (not so far manifested). It is called Hiranya Garbha in the Vedas and Upanishads. From its womb manifested infinite galaxies, stars, constellations, meteors, asteroids, satellites and so on.


Life in this world is advancing and progressing and this fact is accepted by all. Ancient man slowly but surely strived hard so as to reach today’s advanced state. Divine consciousness seated in man’s heart albeit subtly urges him to make progress both materially and spiritually. Not only is this apt but is also most desirable. All living beings have one common desire and that is to attain self fulfillment which they lack as of now. It is not as though only human consciousness that aspires to evolve as a self fulfilled being but that even at the cosmic level the law of evolution is at work.

Amongst the major scientific discoveries made so far tell us that the cosmos is ceaselessly becoming widespread. All galaxies,Guest Posting solar systems, planets etc are making their areas in interstellar space more widespread. It is believed that billions of years back a terrific explosion occurred in the central area of an opaque mass situated in the deep recesses of the cosmos. As a result many smaller hot masses were emitted which later cooled down to form planets, stars etc. And all of these are continuously straying away from one another. All galaxies are moving further away from one another which is true even for our solar system. It is said that this movement can still continue for billions of years in future and yet a time will come when this movement will stop. As per their speed with reference to their circumference these planets etc will return to their original places from where they manifested. This state can be called Mahaa Pralaya or total extinction/annihilation.

From the standpoint of understanding and describing interstellar/cosmic space, its 4 areas can be considered:

  1. Our earth along with its atmosphere which possesses magnetic pull. A major portion of the upper region of the atmosphere consists of atoms, molecules and electrons. In this region of space one can easily perceive and contact inert matter.
  2. The second area covers the space between planets (Venus, Mercury etc) of the solar system. It is filled by the thin and all pervasive gas emitted by the sun’s corona. It is called plasma or solar air. It is because of this plasma that the tails of meteors points in the opposite direction from the sun. This very solar air renders the magnetic fields of earth’s atmosphere into a tail like shape.
  3. The third area is the space between the stars of our galaxy (measuring about 50 times the distance between earth and sun) called Milky Way. This region too has thin gas made of neutral materials and charged particles.
  4. The fourth region is that space which encompasses within it infinite other galaxies apart from ours that in turn include infinite and strange planets, constellations etc.

The above scientific data has been obtained via advanced scientific techniques including giant telescopes, radiation technology, satellites techniques etc. Further advanced rocket technology and computerized spacecrafts have done yeomen service in augmenting our knowledge of interstellar space.

From the above observations it is clear that right from birth to old age the law of evolution is at work. As of now our cosmos has completed its youthful stage and is now entering its mature stage. Hence various galaxies, constellations etc are widening the area occupied by them. They are augmenting both horizontally and vertically and are thus ‘straying’ away from one another at a fast pace. We can label this as the evolution and propagation of the cosmos.

The divine desire of ‘one becoming many’ created an explosion in the subtle world (not yet manifested). It is called Hiranyagarbha in the Vedas and Upanishads. From its womb manifested infinite galaxies, stars, constellations, meteors, asteroids, satellites etc. After birth the next stage is advancement or evolution. Hence it is clearly visible when we see our cosmos expanding and progressing towards an advanced state. The activities and movements of majority of galaxies etc of interstellar space are in this phase of expansion. Keeping this in mind we human beings too should get inspiration from nature and thus strive for both material and spiritual excellence which have their basis in integrity, ethics, humility and an attitude of cosmic welfare.

When we minutely analyze the state of various planets many cosmic laws are clearly perceived. These laws are equally applicable to both material objects and conscious principles. Amongst many special qualities exhibited by our Earth is that its upper layer has a fair amount of coolness and lightness (weight-wise). It is because of this that life exists on Earth along with nature blooming beautifully. The same law applies to our lives. If we learn to develop a psyche that is light hearted and give up hoarding material objects at the external level and innumerable desires at the mental level not only will man attain eternal peace but that he will march ahead with greater strides towards the peak of progress. But alas! Those who have burdened their lives heavily both externally and at the mental level will encounter only discontent, strife and anguish both materially and spiritually. The deep recesses of Earth are heavy and very hot too. Hence life and nature’s grandeur is virtually non-existent in this region. Over here everything is a raging fluid of heat and nothing but heat. During earth quakes and volcanic eruptions this raging lava manifests for us all to see.

Till today the Earth has been dug up to a depth of a few miles only whereas the central point is deep down at a depth of about 4 thousand miles. What lies at greater depths is known only when geologists conduct studies after earthquakes occur and volcanoes erupt.

The Earth consists of great amounts of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron etc. The cosmos predominantly consists of hydrogen, helium and other light weight materials. They add up to around 90-99%. In comparison our Earth consists of merely 0.1%. The inner core of Earth has a great pressure. The pressure measured in the bigger layer of Earth which commences where the upper crust of Earth ends is about 10 thousand ton per diameter-inch.

Despite the fact that an egoistic superficial viewpoint gives utmost importance to sheer heaviness and qualities of terror yet the state of Earth clearly points out to the fact that where on the one hand its deepest core predominates with heat and intense pressure over there it is only a gigantic ‘furnace’ that burns hotly. It is from these regions that earthquakes, volcanoes etc emanate and thus create agitations on the surface of the Earth which is known to be tranquil and calm. The upper atmosphere of Earth has a superb balance of lightness and tranquility and hence life along with various other material-means exists in abundance. If we try and truly understand this fact we too can make apt changes in our daily activities so as to taste the joy of peace and contentment in an otherwise stressful life.

It is most required that all denizens of Earth should strive to become independent in life and yet it must be kept in mind that in order to tap our inner soul potential external help too is required now and then. All this is related to social help and support. Not only our own progress but that life too advances further because of mutual cooperation and support.

The very existence of planets, galaxies etc of interstellar space along with their activities/movements too is dependent on mutual support and cooperation. Take the example of our planet Earth; it takes a lot of help from the sun for sustenance. But this does not mean that Earth in turn does not give aid to other planets etc. It is a fact that taking in turn requires giving too. Anyone who insists on just taking but refuses to lend help will definitely create a downfall for himself. No doubt Earth too lends its support to other planets but in order to protect its special qualities it takes a great deal of help from the sun.

The great British astronomer Sir William Herschel had deeply studied the changes taking place on Earth due to various solar movements and activities. He concluded that extraordinary transformations occur in the growth of plants, physical bodies of all creatures and the psyche of all mankind due to changes seen in the activities and structure of the sun. From this it is clear that not only climatic and other changes are perceived but that man’s physical body and mind too undergo changes (positively or negatively) due to various solar activities. An Uzbek scientist called N. Kenosarin said that quick sand increased/decreased due to the influence of solar spots. Moscow’s Prof. Cijeski conducted research studies and said that in the annals of Earth’s history whenever intense reactions were seen on the sun our planet saw a rise in illnesses like stomach upsets, plague, typhoid etc. The great Prof. concludes that the bacteria causing these diseases become more virulent due to solar changes. Further he opines that man’s psyche too undergoes changes due to this solar influence.

What kind of a bond or relationship exists between planets? Everyone agrees that they have a bond of mutual cooperation and give and take. Who indeed is whose brother, father, son etc? Such analysis does not yield any positive information. What is old, what is new, who is a great donor, who is insolvent, who is big, who is small etc, all these questions are futile. This is because their answers can either inflate one’s ego and hence arrogance or make a person feel very inferior and demeaned. And hence what is required is that all world beings cooperate with one another like true brothers and sisters. When a person helps someone he should realize that he himself has taken help at some point in his life. So the ego that says ‘I am the giver’ should be renounced slowly and instead world humanity should help one another with humility and a sense of service (Seva).

This very belief is being applied predominantly between various stars, planets etc. How is the Moon and Earth related? A lot of research has been conducted on this topic and it has been proved that none of these planets etc are dependent on others in an absolute manner. This is because when one planet gives the other takes and later the latter gives and the former takes help. Hence all of them mutually cooperate with one another. The cosmos is like a single family with the planets, galaxies etc as various family members. Thus they coexist with a bond of cooperation and support for each other.

Is the Moon planet Earth’s brother, son, friend or guest? This question has not yet been answered fully. Sir George Darwin said that the ground of the tranquil ocean due to some kind of partial annihilation (Khand-Pralaya) erupted and that became the Moon. The hollow created because of this became the ocean. The ground that broke away started hovering in space which started revolving around planet Earth. This became our satellite Moon. Thus we can say that Moon is Earth’s ‘son’. Further it has been said that there was a time when the Earth burnt ragingly like red hot fire and it rotated with tremendous speed (I rotation in 3 hours). At that time the magnetic pull of the sun too was very intensely experienced by Earth and an ebb and flow of hot lava waves too were manifested by our planet. At that time many firebrands banged against Earth which resulted in the creation of ponds, rivers etc.

The French scientist Bufo says that the Moon is Earth’s brother. He opines that all planets and satellites came into existence at one and the same time. Initially only the Sun existed. From somewhere in space another gigantic Sun came and banged against our Sun. The dust that resulted from this banging flew into interstellar space and when it became more concentrated. This concentrated dust became the planets/satellites of our solar system.

Great astronomers like Latlas Weis Srecker, Gerard Cooper etc believe that billions of eons ago when a great explosion took place for the very first time a great deal of dust was emitted and this later became all the galaxies, constellations, stars, planets etc of the entire cosmos. Although all of them are bound by the forces of attraction and repulsion and that they maintain an apt balance as far as their rotational and revolutionary movements are concerned, yet none of them have been created from one another. Meaning all planets etc came into being independently of each other and its root cause is the explosion of the ‘womb’ of the cosmos. In this manner every planet, star etc is a friend and neighbor of each other. This relationship applies equally to the Moon and Earth.

On the one hand where all members of the cosmic family are undergoing growth and evolution, there they are also subjected to the cosmic law of creation, propagation and destruction. Thus it is clear that one day in future this gigantic cosmos too will ‘die’ (destroyed). Many stars, galaxies etc after passing through ‘old age’ die and this process will continue as long as the cosmos exists. When the entire cosmos will become ‘aged’ or ‘old’ Mahakaal or Cosmic Time will devour it in its entirety. After birth one grows, after growth one becomes old and dies. This law applies to all animate and inanimate beings i.e. the entire cosmos.

After observing the speed at which our Milky Way is losing energy, great scientists suspect that solar systems related to it are heading towards ‘death’. An astronomer of Maryland University says: That day is not far when planets attached to our Milky Way will stray far away from it and instead will exist independently in far flung regions of interstellar space. This influence will be seen not only in various solar system family members but also in satellites attached to those planets. This in turn will lead to a cosmic ‘anarchy’ or chaos that everywhere loneliness will predominate. Further the ‘give and take’ relationship between various planets, stars etc will be destroyed which in turn will destroy their special qualities. Thus planets, stars etc will end up with limitations, handicaps and distortions.

Over here everything takes birth, everything grows and ultimately dies. This holds true for the entire cosmos. If man deeply recognizes this fact he will always remember at the back of his mind that one day he has to die. This will induce him to find out what is the true goal of human life. Hence not only will he glorify his life but out of sheer love and compassion for fellow denizens/creatures of the world he will work hard for their material and spiritual prosperity too. Ultimately the age old dream of great leaders and thinkers of the world can be realized and that is: CREATION OF A BEAUTIFUL BORDERLESS WORLD.

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