Unveiling the Mysteries of the Cosmic Force: The Divine Savita

Apr 12


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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In the quest to understand the cosmos, ancient wisdom and modern science converge to reveal the profound connection between life on Earth and the celestial entity we know as the sun. This cosmic force, referred to as Savita in Vedic texts, is not only a source of physical light and warmth but also a spiritual catalyst for growth and enlightenment. Delving into the mysteries of the universe, we explore the intricate relationship between the vital force that animates life and the elemental components that constitute our very existence.

The Interplay of Prana and the Five Elements

The creation of the cosmos is governed by two fundamental principles: Prana,Unveiling the Mysteries of the Cosmic Force: The Divine Savita Articles the vital life force, and Bhuta, the five great elements—earth, water, fire, air, and space. Wherever these principles merge, activity and mobility are observed. The five elements alone are inert, but when infused with the vital force, they pulsate with life. This phenomenon is recognized as Gayatri Shakti by ancient sages, a concept deeply rooted in Vedic philosophy.

In humans, the amalgamation of the vital force and the five elements is evident from childhood. As the body matures, the vital force intensifies, fueling energy and movement. This progression through life stages—childhood, youth, and old age—is symbolized by the fuel of Gayatri (Samidha), with the vital force burning within like a fire.

Upon death, the vital force departs, leaving the body, composed of the five elements, lifeless. The Rig Veda (1/164/3) describes this state as a "dead Gayatri," where the capacity for thought, emotion, and motion ceases. The vital force is akin to a gross principle, comparable to rays or fire, and is directed by a third psychological power that governs physical activities through desire and resolve.

The Origin and Manifestation of Gayatri

The Upanishads ponder the source of Gayatri, suggesting that it emanates from a divine illusion or Indra Energy, manifesting in various forms. The sun, with its millions of rays, each corresponding to a form, is identified as Indra. Within these rays lies the vital force, making the sun a repository of three-fold wisdom—body, vital force, and mind. Thus, the sun is likened to a Cosmic Purusha, capable of thought, emotion, and action.

Science has begun to acknowledge the existence of this Cosmic Purusha, suggesting that even those without faith can tap into this Prana Purusha and benefit from its energy, much like a small electric station powered by a larger generating station.

The Sun as a Cosmic Purusha

The sun, a Cosmic Purusha with three-fold power, exhibits sensations akin to human beings. Solar rays, composed of three primary colors that mix to create seven more, can be separated using a spectrometer. This similarity between humans and the sun is further evidenced by the color of blood, which appears red due to a combination of elements but is actually yellow. The sun's sensitivity is highlighted by the presence of solar spots, which were first observed by Christoff Shiner and later confirmed by Galileo through a telescope. These spots, akin to human desires, are dynamic whirlwinds of hot gases.

Solar flares and filaments are manifestations of the sun's activity, influencing regions millions of miles away and affecting Earth's climate, politics, economy, and social dynamics. Scientific American has reported on the potential impact of solar storms on our planet, predicting increased natural disasters and human distress.

The Sun's Influence on Human Life

The sun shares chemical elements with the human body, influencing us physically and psychologically. Prana, the vital force, enables bodily functions and movements. Through Solar Science, we can understand the sun's role in our lives.

Meditation on Gayatri and the soul, or envisioning the Cosmic Purusha, allows us to tap into the sun's energy. By aligning with the sun, we can experience its power and potentially influence cosmic changes.

The Legacy of Varaha Mihir

The story of a child determined to unravel the secrets of interstellar space illustrates the profound connection between human aspiration and celestial wisdom. Despite ridicule, the child's unwavering focus on the sun and intense prayers led to divine insights into astronomy. Known as Varaha Mihir, he made accurate astronomical calculations without technological aid, a testament to the grace of the Sun God.


The exploration of the sun's role as a Cosmic Purusha continues, with scientists and spiritual seekers alike striving to understand the methods and nuances of meditation techniques. As we deepen our knowledge, the truths of worship, faith, and spiritual capabilities may be scientifically validated, revealing the sun's vast influence beyond Earth and across the cosmos.

For further reading on the scientific understanding of the sun's influence on Earth, you may visit NASA's Solar Science page here.

To explore the Vedic perspective on the sun as a source of spiritual energy, the Gayatri Mantra provides insight into ancient wisdom.

For a comprehensive look at the impact of solar activity on Earth's climate and environment, the Scientific American offers articles and research findings on the subject.

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