Do You Have What It Takes To Win In Your Home Business?

May 13


Joseph Rooney

Joseph Rooney

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Hi All,I do hope this message finds you all well - I have a few quick and simple philosophies I want to share with you all today and I do hope you remember them and use them in your everyday lives.


So often i see people miserably complain about their day Jobs or particular life chores,Do You Have What It Takes To Win In Your Home Business? Articles they cant seem to see any light at the end of the tunnel and just rock along each and everyday doing the same boring depressing activities that originally caused them to be depressed and bored in the first place its almost like they have excepted in their brain that this is just the way life is for everybody and in turn is the same for them, I think you know what i mean here and i also know for a fact that all of you including myself have experienced this feeling and to somewhat still do from time to time.

But what the masses of people don’t realise is that all this can be completely transformed and changed around to a positive so that you don’t feel bored and depressed and sick to the teeth with the hateful partner next to at your JOB that puts you in a bad mood and depresses you by infecting you with his negative cynical comments and behaviours.


I once heard a great saying and it went like this FOR THINGS TO CHANGE FOR YOU - YOU MUST CHANGE;

Don’t expect the government to change or your boss to get more generous - Because you could have a very long wait :)

Don’t expect an apple tree to produce pears it will never happen

I think you may be smiling by now and i hope you also see where I am going people, if you want to make a change in your life today you have got to understand that its up to you nobody has ever knocked on my door with a business opportunity or offered to pay my bills and id safely bet no one has ever knocked on your door and offered you these options either.

If you need to make a change you must step up to the plate for you and yours and dig down deep into your gut and find that courage that’s essential for change in your life because understand it takes courage sometimes great courage to make a change in ones life -

So don’t be put of by the knockers and naysayer and ignore the critics even if they are family members because the critics often spend more time talking about themselves than they do about what’s been criticised,

I know in my heart and soul that you have what it takes inside you to live a more fulfilled life all you got to do is want it bad enough

I will leave you with this quote and I hope you got knowledge from this and if you want to know more about me and what I do feel free to subscribe to my information list below.

The Mind Absorbs and becomes a part of the daily activities on which it feeds. Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich)

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